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Soy Baby Formula

OK, so this might not be a supplement for body building, but I have somewhat of a concern after reading TC’s latest Atomic Dog and seeing a Nestle commercial for their baby formula.

I have a 4 month old. He’s been having some digestive issues, so he’s on this super expensive Soy formula. Now, every formula he’s ever had was made from Soy. Anyone know any affects Soy has on infants?

From what I gathered from the TV commercial on Nestle stuff, is that it’s made from Whey, but we asked the pediatrician about it, and she didn’t seem to enthused…

Any thoughts or comments on this???

Please read this:

and stop feeding your kid soy!

I’ll check this out, but I was thinking the same thing with the soy…

So if I shouldn’t give him soy, what can I give him? Anybody know??? Am I going to have to get on some baby forum or something???

Do you know what the allergy is? Is he allergic to breast milk or cows milk?

Ok Folks this has been covered before.

I think the most influential post for me was by wtagye, who talked about his experiences growing up on soy


Additionally, I have heard that soy formula has enough estragens in it to be equivalent to SIX BIRTH CONTROL PILL PER DAY!

This horse has been kicked, and pronounced dead.

Most “formula” out there is shite in my opinion. Drink from the tap as mother nature intended.

You could try Whey and/or Casein based formulas.

Have you heard of Google?

“whey baby formula” returned a bunch of hits.



I started a thread a while back that I believe was titled “Soy for Infants?”. Do a search on that and see what you can come up with.