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Soy baby formula

How many here would give soy based baby formula to their babies? I was talking to a friend of mine (female) and asked her what she was using to feed her baby. She said Isomil which is soy based plus other crap. I told her that I didn’t think it was all that good and should go with something else. I even gave her a bunch of links why it wasn’t as good as advertised. She went beserk and told me that I don’t know shit about raising babies, blah blah blah and that soy formula is “perfectly safe” for the baby. Jeez. All i did was try to her to see the other side of the story! Apparently, she bought into soy is good for you marketing trap and absolutely refused to open her eyes about the whole story. Oh well.

Hmm, you told her she was a bad mom…

You’re right Tungsten, there’s a ton of research that documents the dangers of soy formula. A diet based on soy is bad for anyone, even infants. This mom would do well to open her mind and look at the evidence for the sake of her child’s health.


LOL. I didn’t call her a bad mom. All i did was try to open her eyes on the dangers of using soy based stuff. It was unbelievable how closed minded she was even all the facts that I presented to her! You would think a mom would do anything to help their kids. Her Marine husband told her “I drink soy milk but I could kick his ass anyway” meaning my ass. WHATEVER. They’re pretty clueless when it comes to nutrition. That’s the last time I try to help them out with nutrition stuff.

“told her that I didn’t think it was all that good and should go with something else.”

You need to read Dale Carnegie. Telling people that they are wrong does not effect their opinion (usually) and just gives them an adverse opinon of you. As a past master of telling people they were wrong (during my medical training) and pissing people off, I’ve learned that there are good and bad ways to tell people facts that they might not be aware of. Rather then telling her what to do, find a less threatening way…discuss it with her. Hmm…you’ve chosen a soy based formula. That’s interesting because I’ve heard negative things about soy. Or…Hmmm I’ve heard women say that soy helps with hot flashes (which she has probably heard). I wonder what effect those hormones would have on an infant?

Oh and does this remind anyone of the strong reactions (on both sides) in the political off topic threads?

Tungsten, Do you have kids?


You’re right. I did think about it but she’s very very stubborn and can be really close minded at times so I don’t know if that’d work too. She says she knows everything about nutrition but I don’t really think she truly understand how the whole thing works. I asked her why she ate all those fast food all the time while she was pregnant and asked her if she was concerned about trans fat. She said that placenta doesn’t allow trans fat to pass to the baby but I read about it and it does occur. It’s pointless trying to discuss with her. she just shuts off and REFUSED to admit that she’s wrong on ANYTHING.


Do i have kids? What’s your point? All i did was try to help her out because I’m in school getting a degree in nutrition/biochemistry so I have a deeper understanding of how nutrition work. It just baffles how she shut me out like that when I gave her the links and facts for her to look at. I don’t think she even gave it a chance at all because when i emailed her, she emailed me a min later telling me to stop it and she won’t change her mind NO MATTER WHAT! Talk about closed minded person. She’s probably gets all the info from her crackpot doctor that know nothing about nutrition. Oh well.

Tungsten, I’ll take that as a NO! When my son was born everything I knew about adult nutrition went out the window as it applied to infants. Sometimes babies dont react well to regular formula or even breast milk. My son had severe acid reflux and could only drink some special formula that contained soy. The shit was expensive too! My choices were argue with my wife and doctor about using this special formula and have my son crying until 4am…or just buy the shit and get a good night sleep. I’m not disagreeing with you about soy but it may be different for certain children.


While you are right on the money with your advice, you basically insulted this new mother. In essence you told her that she was not feeding her baby properly…at least that’s the way she took it. Shame, but women are a sensitive lot, especially new mothers.

Breast feeding is the only way to go.

BTW, all veget. books I’ve read recommend breast feeding exclusively. None have recommended soy formula (but I’m sure when mom’s not around that’s what Dad will give).