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Soy /Anti,Casein/Pro Cancer

Many ppl seem to bash soy protein saying its bad and dangerous etc etc… but i found a couple of studies on the net claiming soy protein to be an anti-cancer agent… and more shocking than that, i found sources claiming that casein protein is carcinogenic!! now i don’t know how credible the latter source is, but the “famous china study” also confirmed that casein induced tumor growth…

anyways heres the links:



There is a BIG difference between fermented organic soy protein and soy protein isolate.All the studies were done on soy protein isolate,not fermented soy.Read about the diference between the two.It’s very interesting.


The author of the dairy/casein article states that diets high in animal protein (probably not just casein, but any animal protein), are linked with tumour growth. And in addition, the author points out that the animal protein is only ‘carcinogenic’ when protein intake EXCEEDS the body’s demand/need for it.

If you’re training heavily, you’re going to need a high protein diet. If you’re eating plenty of fruits and veggies, and your protein is coming from a variety of clean sources (plant and animal), I doubt you’ll have much to worry about.