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Soy and Hair

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Soymilk reduces hair growth and hair follicle dimensions.
Exp Dermatol 2001 Dec;10(6):405-413.

We have recently shown that soybean-derived serine protease inhibitors and soybean extracts alter skin pigmentation, suggesting that soymilk could be used as a natural alternative to skin lightening. The present studies were initiated to examine the possible effect of STI, BBI and soymilk on hair pigmentation. Interestingly, these agents were found to affect not only hair pigmentation, but also the rate of hair growth, the dimensions of the hair follicle and hair shaft, and the appearance of the hair. The studies presented here provide first evidence, at the morphological and histological level, that soymilk and the soybean-derived serine protease inhibitors could be used as effective agents for hair care and management. These agents could reduce the rate of hair growth, decrease hair shaft dimensions and alter the pattern of melanogenic gene expression.