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Soviet Union Flag at Obama's Celebration


now it's the left arm of the monster's turn to screw America...


Nice...I guess it's time for us to fall like the U.S.S.R...We can be the U.S.S.A. (United Sociatlist States of America)


What the hell?

"Oh no, some college kid held up a Soviet flag during a rally. The country is dead!!!!"

If any of you EVER claim that "liberals" were worse at this level of exaggeration and harping on non-issues then you are clearly delusional.

It's not a good look, guys.


I personally agree, I don't think some kid holding up a flag is a huge deal. He could have been trolling in real life.

The thing that gets me in those video's is the way everyone is acting. I don't see that as a way a rational person reacts when showing support for a politician they agree with. It's far beyond politics whatever it is.

Hypnosis maybe?

Not equating all BHO supports to hypnosis, but the people like those in the video scare me when it comes down to emotion over logic in a mass audience.


Please. You can't be for real.


Completely agree this is getting ridiculous. Obama wont he election move on people.


It's just an excuse to party. Politicians are like rock stars to people my age (23). It's a form of entertainment, like pro wrestling. The Democrat and Republican parties are factions like NWO or D-Generation X or whatever. There are scandals and lots of trashtalk before highly publicized match-ups. November 4th was like Wrestlemania.


Do you do anything other than sit on the forum at T-Nation?

I guess we should all just embrace socialism and communism. It's the future. I'm so happy Marx was right and capitalism is at it's end...Sarcasm...

I don't believe anyone said anything about liberals. That is always your argument and you really need to try get over it. If we do become a socialist state then America would cease to exist and would be something else entirely.


It's Jdesk. No one really takes him seriously (at least I hope not).


Or he could have been mocking Obama....A vote for Obama is a vote for Communism? We'd have to asked to flag holder to get the real story. While I think Obama is a socialist at heart, this kid of paranoia and over reaction does not help support any anti-obama agenda. The best think that you can do is write congress and his administration and keep the pressure on. It's fine to expose his actual weaknesses, but harping on such trivial matters is a look of desperation and make Obama dissenters look ridiculous which only hurts, not helps.


I do!

Say what?


Intelligent people make up their own mind...


Intelligent people are still humans...and humans are still easily influenced by others.


Fox news is awesome sometimes, almost as good as reading PWI at times .