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Soviet Sports


If the former USSR had a football team (American Football) and a powerlifting team, how do you think the would be like compared to American football players and powerlifters?


we would be crushed, communists rule all!


I believe the appropriate response is that 'They would bury us!'.


Easy there boys! Powerlifting maybe, but Football? No way! The Soviets tried but were never able to figure out Baseball. Even with the help of Comrade Fidel. Football is even harder to figure out then Baseball. Believe me I've tried to explain both games to many Europeans from different countries. Baseball they begin to get "a little bit". Football is like explaining Nuclear Physics to a 9 year old, none of them ever get it, not even a bit.

Anybody out there want to seriously tell me a Soviet Red Army team of the 70's would have a prayer stopping QB Roger Staubach, RB Walter Payton and Earl Campbell, WR Lynn Swann and Fred Belitnikoff, TE Kellen Winslow protected by an all-star offensive line? Then they would have to score on among others the best of the "Steel Curtain". NO WAY! Anyone really think "They would be crushed or buried"? Just like the soviets crushed and buried the Canadians in 72? Oh ya, they lost that one and then again in 76! If Communists Rule then where were all those soccer World Cup victories?

Furthermore, Hockey and Soccer are sports Russian kids grow up playing so what makes anyone think that they would have crushed anyone in Football? Please give me a break!


Agreed, I don't believe we'd do too well against those Ruskies.


If Rocky can go train in the snow old school style and kick Drago's roided up ass, just image how badly our roided up football players would destroy theirs.

No one can compete with American football players because we have the best system on the planet to produce football players.

Powerlifting is a different story. If the Russians had focused on powerlifting instead of Olympic lifting they would have been pretty good.

This is a silly discussion anyway.

The real questions are:

Could Arnold kick Franco Columbo's ass?


Is Bruce Lee the greatest fighter ever in the history of the universe? Wild animals included?

I say yes, yes and yes.

Bruce Lee would kick a tigers ass easily.


Come on Zap. Everyone knows The Fonz is the best fighter in the history of the world. He was 150-0 against tough thugs in the parking lot of Arnolds. Hell, he even rode a Bull and jumped over a shark. He would have kicked bruce Lee's ass! A cool leather Jacket trumps Kung Fu skills any day in a street fight. AAAAHHHHH!!


No fair bringing the Fonz into it.


You guys are crazy.
Don't forget the athletes in this country. The russians would not have anyone to match up with Mike Vick or Randy Moss. We would fucking destroy them.
Russia's lack of black athletes would kill them. Think about how bad we normally crush them in Basketball.

The russians use to win most of the games that used more skill then athletisism.


A Liger could kick his ass. Ligers RULE!!


Ligers are zoo-animals.


Dude, my 135 lbs brother is out on bail, he can kick the ligers ass as well as mike vick and randy moss's ass.


At first i thought Liger was a typo. These things are actually real! Geez the things you learn on T-mag! Ya this thing would kill Bruce Lee, Micheal Vick, Randy Moss and Fahds brother at the same time. But not the Fonz! He kicks anyone or anything's ass


Let's face it Chuck Norris could kill Lee and the Fonz at the same time. Look at all of those TV fights he's had. Not one time did anyone even give him a warm up!

His hat never even came off!


And now a random fact about Vin Diesel:
When Vin Diesel was born, the nurse said, "Holy crap! That's Vin Diesel!" Then she had had sex with him. At that point, she was the third girl he had slept with.

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I stand vindicated!!!!


Yeah, I found a pic of him.


yeah but it depends on what the original poster meant...

if they had a long culture of football and grew up playing it and it was a dominant sport things would be very different than trying to develop a team in a few short years...

take the USA and rugby or soccer...
you guys suck... its not because you are unable to its, because you havent been brought up with it...

if rugby and soccer were dominant sports and a big part of US culture you would be much better at those sports...

im not really sure what the original poster meant though


The sports system of the former USSR was the greatest the world has ever seen or likely ever see. As far as football they had many more "explosive" athletes than we had at least as far as the lineman sized peeps were concerned. Listen to this the superheavy weightlifters of the former Ussr were often jumping (vertically) in excess of 1 meter at bodyweights of 275 lbs. or greater and this was 20 years ago! Football however would take time to master. Many more skills than people think.
Brandon Green


One quick comment in favor of the fUSSR having a chance to be very good at American football:

Anybody who things that the US (or other countries with large black populations) have the market cornered on amazingly fast/high jumping athletes hasn't been to Scandinavia or the Balkans (or Russia, for that matter). There, white kids aren't brought up being told that they can't jump as high, run as fast, etc. Did the USSR produce many modern sprint champions? No. BUT, no team sport athlete is a TRUE sprinter (and neither Vick nor Moss would be that great of sprinter, anyway). Remember (or learn, if you didn't already know), life is a bell shaped curve, Americans see the outliers (WC-class sprinters) and assume 'all blacks are faster', when this is simply not the case. How many kids have been 'converted' to endurance athletes by hypercompetitive parents having them work 20+ hours a week at running, hs team practice, club practice, etc?

That said, I still think we would always win, for the same reason that we would have won an all-out war with them (assuming that our idiot leaders didn't go nuclear): Americans simply have a will to win and the ability to be creative in adversity. That is, fundamentally, why I think the Soviets did so well in linear sports, but never got great at team sports (except volleyball, which is still pretty linear).