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Soviet Peaking Cycle

I am about to start the Soviet Peaking Cycle and will be squating and benching on monday and thursday. Would their be any benefit adding aditional excercises to this program? My goal is to maximize hypertrophy and increase my strength.

What cycle do you mean? One of the cycles in Stanely’s article was actually a supplementary cycle designed for olympic lifters to improve their snatch. It was meant to be coupled with olympic lifting routine, the author didn’t mention that.

How many times is are the legs worked out every week? Is it done Monday and Thursday?

If I am thinking of the right program, it isn’t designed to induce much hypertrophy. If you are looking for a mixed strength/hypertrophy program, try Joel Marion’s 5x5 workout in the “Ripped Rugged and Dense” article, or maybe Poliquin’s 1-6 Method.

I meant the cycle where one has to squat three times a week. The plan requiring to squat twice a week was developed by Verkhoshanskii, who a few years ago admitted that at this time that periodisation program is outdated. He now favors cybernetic periodisation, something similar to westside programs. By the way, the original program was designed to improve 1rm, not to maximize hypetrophy.