Soviet Peaking cycle

1st posting. reading here for last 3 months . Iam 6ft 1in 270 now thoughtout the last year using german comp I have lost 90lbs but also: my over strength dropped (BP 60lbs). looking to get back my strength; but my goal is: 250lbs 12%BF by june 27 . I use zone diet prinicples @ 2000 & 3 months ago started Charles Poliquin manly weight lose. The program is this. mon thu fri, with wed off. 1st workout each group is done superset . A1 InclinePress,Dumbbell with Rotation 8-12reps (3sets) (411tempo) (60s rest). A2 Split Squat 8-10 (4) (311) (60s) A3 Row to Neck,Seated with Rope 10-12 (4) (221) (75s) A4 Leg Curl, Seated 8-10 (4) (501) (60s) B1Lean-Away Lateral Raise 15-20 (3)(201)(60s) B2 Leg Press Incline 8-10 (3) (411) (45s) B3French Press, Seated with EZ Bar 10-12 (3) (312) (60s) B4 Reverse Sit-up on Incline 10-12(3)(211)(45s)
2nd workout
A1 Bemch Press 8-10(4)(3)(211)(90s)A2 Bent-Over Row, EZ, Bar 8-10 (4) (321) (90s) A3 Leg Press, Incline 15-20 (4) (221) (60s) A4 Fly, Pronated Grip with Dumbbell 8-10 (4)(401)(90s) A5 Back Extension 10-12 (3) (221) (75s)B1Hammer, Curl, Seated 8-10(3)(212)(60s)C1 Step-up with Dumbbell 10-12(3)(301)(60s)C2 Side Sit-up 10-12(3)(212)(45s)
My ??? is on the BP day would using Soviet Peaking cycle for issue 5 (newest mag) be helpful & whats the rest time in between sets. At this point I only have 2 hours a day for workout that is with cleanup & Recover. The above is working just hoping to boost my BP. Thanks all for your time and help.