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Souvenir from Bosnia...any suggestions?

Hey all…one of my best friends is stationed in Bosnia right now and he wants to know what kind of souvenir I would like from there. I have no idea. Any suggestions (no smart remarks, please) would be appreciated. Obviously anything that is T-man related would be cool. Thanks in advance!

how about an AK-47?

Obviously, no AK-47’s are coming back from Bosnia in gift form, but i hear you can buy them on the black market in LA for a few hundred. Uh… What’s there in Bosnia? Maybe he could bring you back a jar of sand or a pet scorpion. Maybe some big rocks that you could clean and press…

Optics. Scope if your into rifles. Field Glasses if your not. Tell him to get you a Nato issue pair of field glasses with the internal compass.

Also if you are into the outdoors how about one of the new multi-purpose combat knives. Thier expensive here but maybe he could “obtain” one for you over there.