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Southwood Program

Has anybody tried the Southwood Program as a changeup ?

Usually when you ask about a program you give some details on it or a link.

We might have-- I don’t remeber that name though.

Sorry about that i’m new to the the Forums

I read the Article by Dan John and the Training utilizes 4 major lifts three days a week with perscribed reps of 8/6/4

I have done something very similar when preparing for a fight.

Just as a reminder though start on the light side with your weights. You will be in for a shock if you don’t.

My routine was squat 3x5, ohp press 3x5, pendlay row 3x5, chinups 2xamap, dips x amap ( as many as possible)

This was done 4 times a week tapering to 2 times a week over a course 12 weeks in contest prep.

Hope this helps