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You guys ever watch southpark?

Did you see the one a while back when Cartman pretended to be handicapped so that he could win the special olympics?

Then Jimmy the handicap kid started taking steroids to win the special olympics. That was a funny one. I'd have to say that was one of my favorites.

What are some of your favorite episodes?



You're late to the party.


Weightgainer 5000.. BEEEEEEEEEFCAKE!! lol!! Remember to always follow your dreams.. and some day.. you might be a beefcake like meeee!!

The gang episode was hilarious too..


i like the one where they go to the rainforest (season 3 episode 1). i can watch that episode over and over. next best would be when jimmy and timmy joint the crypts gang, since they're crippled...


Hell yeah.

Great show. They get the cartoon produced so fast they can satirize current events. I love it.

My favorite one this season has been one of the firsts...when the boys buy the weapons from the fair, and pretend ot be ninjas...the satirizing of the anime shit was hilarious!

From the whizzing backgrounds in the fight scenes, to the crazy songs with in japanese with a few american words ( " ...PROTECT MY BALLS!"), I thought it was fucking hilarious. If you've ever seen some anime, sometimes when they roll credits, the songs will be in japanese in its entirety, until, say, the chorus, where one American phrase comes in, out of nowhere..fucking classic. They nailed that.

And when Cartmen creeped on stage, naked, and "invisible", naked in front of everyone at the auction...I laughed so hard I almost choked.

Great show.

Some of the other episodes this season have been a disappointment though. The Mel Gibson episode was just weird.


Yes I remember that Anime ninja one. When Butters got hit in the eye I almost peed myself. And when Cartman strutted on stage that was classic.

The last one was pretty cool when Cartman became awesomo, butters favorite robot. The fact that Butters got Cartman was a nice twist.

Another one was when Cartman made the eighth grader eat his parents. It was so sick I'm ashamed that I thought it was funny.

I agree with the Mel Gibson one. That was one of their worst episodes.


I loved when Cartman formed his christian rock band to win the ten dollar bet!

When Michael Jackson moved to SouthPark with blanket!

The metrosexual episode!


This one is old but, Kid with balls on chin was hilarious.


I think souhpark is funny, but the one about the steroids was actually pretty annoying. I saw it as another media outlet misinformed about steroid effects, weighted with the same 'sports ethics' that is slowing causing the ban of all safe supplements. I know it is just a cartoon, but its things like this that keeps people so misinformed about steroid use.


Anime Ninja.


The lord of the rings/back door sluts 9 episode is great, I basically love all the episodes.


?'m late to the party as well re: Southpark, I didn't really see many episodes until recently. THat said,
the funniest one I've seen is when Cartman tries to find out who his father is, and his mom's a slut which makes it hard to giure out. He spends the whole episode trying to be black, native American, etc according to whom he thinks is his dad at that moment. When he thinks Chef is his dad and shows up looking like Public Enemy in 1989, I laughed maybe as hard as I ever have at a TV show. THe jumpsuit, the huge clock, the flattop... "Can I get a Westsiiiidddee??"

THe "love" episode was cool too, where Butters falls in love with the Hooters girl and Stan becomes a Goth kid.


The one where Carman buys some older kids pubes and glues them to his face to look older/then finds out and tricks the kid into eating his own parents and Cartman tries to train a horse to bite of the kids dick.

The goo-backs episode where as a result to not have an overpopulated future everyone goes queer.

The red-rocket episode where Cartman jerks off/ "milks the dog" while saying "Red Rocket, Red Rocket" LMFAO!

Hands down one of the funniest shows on TV.


Great thread - one of the best shows on tv

My favorite has got to be the episode with the cripple fight between Jimmy and Timmy. I saw a Southpark special on VH1 and they explained that they scripted the fight scene directly from some old movie (I can't remember the name). The showed the movie and Jimmy/Timmy fight side by side - it was amazing how close they got it - even down to the dialogue and sound effects!


The fight scene was from "They Live" starring Rowdy Roddy Piper.


OK let's hear your favorite South Park song.

From the movie I liked "It's easy, MMM Kay." and "Blame Canada."

Of course everybodies classic which they even played on the radio, "Salty Chocolate Balls."


did you guys see the michael "jefferson" episode???

that was fucking funny!


my favorite episode of this season has to be the "you got served" episode...when he started dancing to my ache breaky heart i lost it........bm


as we speak im watching the special olympics episode.


I have to second the "Michael Jefferson" episode. When Cartman and Mr. Jefferson almost kiss, I was screaming "NO!!NO!!" at the TV. The "got your nose" game going horribly awry made me laugh my ass off. I would have to say that South Park is my favorite TV show.