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Southpark + Oprah's Minge


Anyone see this week's southpark? I'm pretty sure I spent 15 minutes staring at oprah's minge...

that shit is gross!


Gary and the Minge are dead! Sniff...


Sorry but that episode was a swing and a miss......... they are running out of ideas........


toweleeeie, is the greatest.

NO, your a towel.


I agree, that episode sucked. My attentions were too focused on trying not to vomit when they showed Oprah's Minge to actually enjoy the show.


I have to say, the gun comming out of the pants was the only part that made me laugh.

Besides that, it seems that they are losing the magic.


I had to go to dictionary.com to find out what a "minge" was.

I think it's too early to say they are losing their magic.


An episode without Cartman, whats the point????


Wow, a below average show, better close up shop! Look out, they're running out of ideas, cancel it NOW! Some people need to grab a clue....!


I must say that was one of the worst South Park episodes ever. Could have been a hell of a lot better.


Yes, it was terrible.


Episode started with promise, but as it often does it fell apart in the 2nd half. Remember the "Queer Eye" South Park that ended with the Crab People? Same thing.


I thought it was great but I also smoked a joint evertime towelie smoked one :stuck_out_tongue:


Can I have a picture?


I laughed my ass off!!! The whole point was to go a little too far while talking about the crown Queen of T.V. The episode was a mockery of an episode of Oprah when she had that dude that wrote an autobiography and lied in it, and Oprah recommended it in her book club and found out later it was a lie. She somehow tricked the guy back onto the show and called him a liar on the show. Thus Towelie was supposed to be that guy. South Park is getting better, a bit more intellectual.