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Southern California's Strongest Man, March 19


East Coast West Coast Strength Speed & Conditioning announced that Local ASC Pro Strongman, Scott Brengel will be promoting Southern Californiaâ??s Strongest Man in Huntington Beach, CA on Saturday, March 19, 2011 at 10:00 am PST. The contest will be held in the parking lot on Huntington Street off of Pacific Coast Highway right next to the beach across the street from the Huntington Beach Hilton. Newspaper and television coverage is expected throughout both Orange County and Los Angeles County.

For more information, contact: scott@eastweststrength.com

Overhead Press Medley - barbell, axle, log, keg, circus dumbbell
Keg Toss Over Bar - 6 kegs
Farmer's Walk (2 inch handles) - Max distance
Tire Flip
Atlas Stones


Cool. Anybody have any experience with getting coaching at the East West Strength Costa Mesa gym?


I attend the Saturday event days. Every Saturday Scott leads 8-12 guys through four or five events. They start at approximately 11am and it lasts roughly four hours. If you're interested give him a call or just show up. The cost is $20 a day or $60 for a month.