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Southeast Training Methodology


Why does the NSCA have a limited presence in the southeast especially in Alabama?

I live in Alabama. Why does everyone look at me like I'm an alien with dirty underwear on my head when I do lots of sets and what I feel like is heavy weight?

Why is the body building training style so popular in the south? Is it because of the gym I go to and the way people want to look along with what's in fitness mags?


Because it's hot and humid and we run around in sleeveless t-shirts and sometimes no shirt at all for a big part of the year. That's my theory anyway.



I thought this might be about how the SEC trains to do so much Ass Kicking in NCAA Football.


Did you by any chance call dibs on their female siblings?


Exactly where in the country do they not do this?


People look at me like that a lot and I don't even lift that heavy


have you noticed people looking at you at other gyms?

Maybe they're looking at you cause it's really LIGHT WEIGHT that youre lifting o.O


Maybe you just look weird??


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