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South Park: The Coon vs. Mysterio


Anyone catch the new South Park tonight? Pretty funny parody of the Dark Knight. I know they're going to show it in an hour and a half on Comedy Central again.

I have to say I'm impressed with the first two episodes this season, really.


Thought it was great - both of them! I love how they threw butters in there. In the first one I loved how they threw Mickey Mouse in there with his weird little laugh ha-ha


do you know where can I go to watch it online? I can only find 'the ring' episode on comedy central's site.


General Dissary is a classic.

This is a repeat premise from a long time ago though, right??

I remember something similar where Mr. Garrison said the "I cant believe it's one of my students" line, but you don't really know who it is because they all look the same.

I dont know, maybe I'm confused.


I don't watch south park but does coon have the same meaning it has in Australia or its some ones last name in the show?


The episode last week with the Jonas Brothers was terrible. This one was better though. Anybody catch the Leprechaun reference with the black dude when they were trying to figure out Mysterio's identity by asking people in the crowd?


i missed it today but maybe they'l show it again soon..

i actually got done watching.."best friends forever" aka the golden psp episode

so hilarious

"the keanu reeves statue"




I thought it was a pretty funny episode.


Both episodes were hilarious. So many of the Jonas Brothers criticisms ended up being true when I looked more into them. And the Dark Knight parody was just adorable. I cracked up when Cartman saw the bulletin board with him and Bruce Vilanch on it.


Just watched the jonas brothers episode. LOL loved how Kenny ended up in the end....(watch it don't wanna spoil the end to ya)


I just wished they could of got the sketch in there.

Internet classic!


that was hilarious but also very very troubling and sad.




I thought it was pretty good, but the Jonas Brother episode was one of the best ever.

Kenny's purity ring hit close to home as I've had that bullshit happen to me many times in my awful dating career.



I laughed my ass off when Micky kicked the crap out of the Jonas brother and the ending was perfect. And Kenny's reaction to learning his girlfriend is a raging whore ... almost as funny as Cartman shitting in the bed pan and all over his mom


"...We can't entrust the sword of 1000 truths to a Noob!"

That was a great episode.


IMO funniest episode ever "This just might be the end of the World .... of Warcraft"


Who Is The Coon was an awesome episode. The Ring sucked major ass. I barely broke a smile.

When I saw The Ring I thought South Park was pretty much finished, but The Coon shows that it's still a good show.

But why do they have to take a 5-6 month break after 6-7 fucking episodes? Are they that lazy? I mean the last 2 seasons haven't really been representative...


Yeah it's been different since Imagination Land got all fucked up.