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South Park - End of an Era?


So, who saw the newest episode?

As someone who has been watching the show since its premier, the show has been a very serious part of my life for a very significant portion of it (I am honing in on 23.)

The episode was going about at its usual pace. Although it wasn't the best episode initially, the other episodes so far this season had me intrigued. The shit jokes started to become slightly stale through the episode, but then something happened. That ending.


Now, I needed closure on this. For the last two days all I've been doing is looking at opinions about the episode. Apparently Matt and Trey are under contract for 7 more episodes - could this be it?

Or could this be the biggest version of the Episode 1 cliffhanger yet?



That was the impression I got from the episode as well. However, I fully expect them to return with a "Fuck you guys, we'll do what we want" and have an episode that has nothing to do with the cliffhanger.

I'd hate to see it be over, but I can see how they're maybe burnt out on it after all this time.


I agree w. Jase - They also have a Broadway musical about Mormons that I know they've been focusing on


I was really convinced by the end of the episode that it was, if nothing else, the beginning of the end. Kind of a lame episode anyway. The best part was the turd in a microwave picture lol. so true


I actually enjoyed it as an episode, but yeah, it seemed like sort of an ending to me. Certainly strange, between Randy and Sharon referencing how it's always the same shit every week, and them bringing back Stevie Nicks without making fun of her. At the least, it seemed like they were directing some criticism toward themselves.


They weren't exactly subtle in indicating that it was over, but then again it is their style to try to create a giant ruse.

But I think it's been building for years. In the episode where earth gets cancelled, they allude to their tired story-lines, and that was a looong time ago. 200 seemed similar. I loved the last episode, but even that one points to them not giving a shit anymore. They shit all over one of their best bit characters, and maybe it's because they knew there wasn't going to be a show when this season ends.

Considering Stan is a representation of Trey Parker, maybe it's him that doesn't care anymore. I would guess that he doesn't want the show to end up like The Simpsons.


Anyone find it weird in the montage that it seemed like Cartman and Kyle become better friends? This is one of the major reasons I see this all just being a ruse, perhaps an attack on overly pretentious shows?


Yeah, I did like how they always alluded to the ridiculousness of the show. That's why I always liked it, hell. I know from listening to the commentaries that it's pretty stressful doing it week-in and week-out, but it would just be too sudden of a departure to feel comfortable with. If it's the end, finish out these last 7 weeks in an epic way... thank the fans for 15 years? lol

I'm not so sure. One of the opinions I've heard around the 'net is that they'll use the last 7 episodes as actual storylines, all correlating to one another, and really ultimately shake up the fabric of South Park. The episode description said something similar about "Stan seeing SP, yadda yadda, change the fabric, etc." But basically, insinuating that these would send of the show in "proper" fashion. Although it's been more of a sitcom than anything, technically, there has been significant character development and it'd be nice to see it through.

I guess we'll find out soon enough. :confused:


The show has had its run.


I feel like they don't even know what they're doing with the second half of the season yet. Maybe the episodes are already made up... but I doubt it. I don't know, they still pump out some memorable episodes that are epic. Although I guess it's been a couple seasons since imaginationland, guitar-queer-o, the ninja episodes and the WOW episodes. The kanye west "gay fish" episode was off the chart too.

I guess we'll see on this.


They should end it at the end of this season. The show just doesn't seem creative anymore. They should try to go out with a bang. Push the envelope as far as they can.


IMO South Park hasn't been the same for a few seasons now.

Some of the recent stuff has been good but it is without a doubt a different style than the earlier stuff.

The most recent stuff has been lacking.

The last episode made me think that they are planning on ending it.

It's been one hell of a run.


I thought it was the best episode of the season. I laughed my ass off - the movie trailers killed me.....lol...

Dunno what the end means - they could just be fucking with everyone - like the way Sharon said everything "resets" each week.

Steamy Ray Vaughn...lol...


The show peaked several years ago. It wouldn't be the worst thing if it ended.


I agree the last episode was lame too.


I agree. I liked it originally for the ridiculous humor, but since they have been using it directly as a platform for social commentary it has not been nearly as funny or entertaining.

I understand the whole social relevance blahblahblah... I just don't give a fuck. I use entertainment as a break from the usual barrage of opinions on political and societal commentary, not to gain a different one.


I can definitely understand that. Personally, I get a big kick out of their fucked-up view on things - and generally find myself agreeing!


That all started in the early 2000s, like in the original Towelie episode and its commentary on the Elian Gonzalez situation. I don't think the show peaked that long ago, or that it was even done yet, but different strokes I guess.

I thought season 13 was really good, though 14 definitely had its ups and downs. Same with the 7 episodes so far in this season.


There was a South Park after season 10?



new episode!