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South Florida Gyms


Just moved here to South Florida, (Port St.Lucie) and still looking for a decent gym.. Anyone familiar with the area point me in the right direction?


Just moved away from Vero Bch which is just a little north of you. A very good friend of mine lives there in PSL & I'll ask him where a good one is located. He now works out @ his house. I believe he's looking for a serious training partner. He's 37 built very well & loves to workout. He does karate too if that's a interest to you. And he's a tennis instructer if that interest u at all. Use to be Mary Perice's hitting partner & coach on the tour! He's an amazing player!

There's a great gym in Vero Bch. but most likely too far for u. It would be like 35-40 min. drive for u. Arturo Gatti trains there, the pro boxer.

I'll let u know & will pm u what I find out.


The name of the gym is The Jungle Club. it is one of the best gyms in florida, everything you can imagine is there. But it is a little expensive though. and yes Gatti is there very often. But i havent seen him since he lost to Floyed Mayweather.


Yep, that's it. I use to work out there all the time. Great place, it has everything! The one owner is a super asshole though! Got rid of the head guy that was running the place who WAS married to his daughter.

Gatti lives up in NJ & is only in Vero before his fights for training.

How r things in Zero Bch? Was there about a month ago & still saw blue tarps everywhere! Crazy! I'm super glad I left there!