South East Asia

Hey everyone, just thought I’d post a few pics from our recent treking around Thailand, Vietnam & Cambodia. For anyone who hasn’t been there I highly recommend a trip. Everything is sooo cheap and the scenery and adventures you can get up to is simply amazing. There are many traveller and backpackers that you meet and party with and the memories and friendships you make are priceless. Anyway here’s the pics. This first one is in Vietnam crawling through one of the tunnels left behind from the Vietnam war…very interesting that they had over 250km of underground tunnel systems including sections directly under the American bases! - sneeky buggers!

This one is of me having a bit of a testosterone burst from an AK47 I think it was, very cool, but I blame the sights being out for me missing the target!!

Angkor Wat temple system in Cambodia - has to be seen to be believed, the stonemasonary and intricate carvings that cover the temples are amazing.

This is my girl in Bangkok, river behing and an example of the standard of living that the locals reside in - very dirty and smelly place.

Me swimming in one of the thousands of gorgeous beach lagoons on the southern islands in Thailand.

Cruising Ko Samui on the motorbike that I hired for $12 per 24 hours. Nothing like the wind in your hair cruising the windy roads around a tropical paradise! no helmets or license required and not really any road rules either.

Stopping at one of the scenic lookouts

Those are some really cool pics. I’d love to see Angkor Wat someday.

Thailand has some gorgeous places. Sothern Thailand will be the next Bali. Buy land now!

Avoids - I agree and theres so much of it for sale on the islands at the moment.

Another one…cruising the islands, snorkeling with thousands of tropical fish & of course drinking heaps of beer! Lynda was drinking cocktails all day at about $3 each…and beers were only $1.

Nice pictures!

Yeah, there’s no place like home!!

Sorry, I just had to:)

very cool pics, looks like a fantastic trip

Great stuff man, gonna have have you out on the boat theis summer.

Looks like you like to have just a bit of fun.

Yeah well life’s there to be enjoyed Bohdi although I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that…I’m still jealous of that little lime you were playing with in the hooters thread…and yes those are some very nice looking puppies!!

Stucross, thanks for the pics and the inspiration. One of the reasons I’m studying to be a teacher is to be able to have the free time to explore this beautful planet of ours.

Another thing: I’ve been blessed to be able to go to Europe 20+ times, and blessed to own 2 houses in Italy, and have friends all over Europe I can stay with. But I’m really itching to see Asia, Africa etc and truly experience amazingly diff’t cultures. Great thread

Great pics man.

I’ve driven all over the US, but am anxious to begin travel overseas. Europe first, most likely, then Asia, perhaps. I have a friend who spent a week in Thailand and had great things to say about it.