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South African Gift

I have a cousin getting married in South Africa (Joberg area) and would like to purchase an online gift for him and his bride. You know the general stuff - something for the house etc - but I don’t know of any good online shops located in SA to use.

I am in USA and can then spend more on the gift than the damn shipping, besides increase its chances of getting there on time. Any direction would be much appreciated.


They’re not registered anywhere? I’ve been to Joburg numerous times–from when I lived in Lesotho. Joburg is a very developed city and you can probably just fly there and pick something up before the wedding. There’s not much you can get here that you can’t get there.

Remember ‘local is lekker!’ (You’ll get the joke once you get there)
One thing–be real careful there–especially if you’re driving at night. Granted I was there about 10 years ago but it was CRAZY dangerous. Was actually legal to run red lights due to the high number of carjackings.

Enjoy some biltong in Gauteng. And remember to say ‘dankie’ to all the mevrou and meneer (or ‘konjani’ to the baba)

I thought this thread was “South African Git” !

I thought that this was a discussion about aids.

A toaster and a bottle of wine (Champers if you like them). What else do you need.