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Sourcing Juice


G day mate how does somebody get his hands on gear im not after phone numbers but how do you ask someone without getting bashed


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They are clamping down in Australia so people are not as open to talk about it.

Somewhat depends on where you are. Sydney I can tell that you would not have a problem getting almost anything once you are in the know.

Head to the "bodybuilders" gyms train there for a while and get to know the guys that are using - you should be able to tell who they are.

Just be a little careful and get to know your supplier first.


make friends with a big strong guy. ask him one day and if he says no. at least you know a big strong guy that can spot you :slightly_smiling:


thanks for the input blokes


In my gym in Oz which is a bodybuilders gym, according to some the best in the southerm hemisphere, just look for the guys who weight about 200lbs, spend most of their time in the mirror or on the sunbed and pray at the alter of the smith machine and don't forget acne ridden skin.


On a more revelant point, get yourself a Dr as a girlfriend or a vet nurse.


Invest you time on the boards learning, helping others and building a rep. The more time you contribute the less likely you'll come off as both a dumbass or a narc.


Try the "legal" for now designers such as Superdrol or Phera-Plex. They are readily available on the web and reasonably priced. The results and sides are similar to D-Bol from what I've seen.

Good luck,