Sources of Omega 6

I was wondering what are the major sources of omega 6s in our diets? From what I can tell I do not consume much of it at all other than using grapeseed as my cooking oil.
The argument against grapeseed is the high omega 6 content, but if it is your only source of omega 6 then it should be fine, yeah?

Any nuts (particularly walnuts, they are about 50% omega6), pork, chicken, and even fatty fish. Beef and dairy are quite low, one could consider it trace amounts. Also the fat in grains is usually reasonable in omega6, for example the fat in oats is around 35% of total fat (which is low).

If you are using a little (say 15mL/1 tablespoon) once or twice a day on average and your other intake is very low and omega3s are consumed, then it is not something to worry about.