Sources of motivation

I was just wondering what everyone uses as motivation?

chris shugart’s articles always fire me up. I like the one in the new paper issue.

Me motivates me! Personally, I’ve never had a problem with motivation, and I’ve never had to seek outside sources for motivation. Build up a vision for yourself, hold that vision, and motivation will NEVER be a problem.

A mirror.

My dad was a big-time powerlifter, and he got me interested in bodybuilding/powerlifting at an early age. He was extremely smart on what it took to make strength gains. We used to work out together a lot when i was a teenager/early 20’s. he commited suicide about 5 years ago. before i lift heavy, i try to imagine myself lifting with him again, and that usually gets my adrenalyn pumped !!..

also, the power of positive thinking sounds cliche, but works wonders. everyone knows you must get strong to get big. having yourself convinced you can do a certain weight for 'x' amount of reps, (several hours before going to the gym) helps a lot too. and i'd have to say, the biggest, most motivating tool is a damn good workout partner !!! it's harder to find a good workout partner than a decent girlfreind i think. and when things get stale in your workout, then find a new partner. it's nobody's fault when that happens, it's just everyone gets in a rut. even the best workout partner in the world, will eventually become un-motivating to you. also, having a difinitive goal, with several little, reachable goals along the way will further motivate you !!... just find your nitch and run with it !!

After spending a crapload of money for food/ supplements, and eating 6-7 times a day the easiest thing to do is go to the gym and spend an hour banging away at the weights and equipment.

That and… knowing your genetics have the propensity for tall skinny fat guy syndrome and not wanting to end up like that…

Everyone wanting to see me fail is my motivation. I could tell they almost all want to say, “You see, you wasted your time and money. Its silly of you to have though otherwise. Come here and be a tub of shit like us”. Ok that last sentence was my own interpretation. And the my second source of motivation is not letting days when I’ve eaten perfectly go to waste. The nutritional regiment is by far the most difficult to me. Especially when trying to gain weight.

i like to think of every girl that has ever turned me down, or any time in my past when people would say, how are you so skinny? hahah, now i look at them and laugh cuz im twice their size. i like to think of the girls that thought they were too good for me before and how bad they hurt me. i find nothing better than getting pissed before a set and taking out your aggression on the weights. also, sitting in your car for 10 mins before the gym with the heat on high to get a nice sweat going while banging to some metal gives you some nice motivation.

“Body For Life” :slight_smile:


All I have to do is think of the pictures of me when I was just under 100 lbs. at 18 yrs. of age due to overtraining and the severe liver damage and hospitalizations that resulted. That was October of 1999. I think of all the times that I wanted to exercise but was discouraged by doctors from doing so because of my physical health. Never again will I take a trip to the gym for granted, nor will I say I’ve had enough when I know I have one rep left in me. As a result, I’m 163 at 11% bodyfat with no intentions of ever stopping. Plus, I’ve gotten a career out of it by majoring in sports management and exercise science. So the next time you’re on the couch wondering whether you should go to the gym as planned, think about those people who would love to be able to walk or just get out of bed without feel like death, let alone exercise. It’ll either get you motivated or make you feel really guilty about everything that you take for granted. Enough said.


LL said it best, with one word !!

I’d have to agree with Roman’s post. I do best when I have people who doubt my ability to do things. Not just with Training and Diet, but all aspects of life. I’m motivated by extreme challenges that most people would never attempt to tackle.

Eric just gave me another look on motovation ! thanks bro !

Thanks you guys, some of these gave me goosebumps.

Reminding myself of the goals I will achieve, and my entire family, with the exception of my dad, is very lazy and that keeps me going so I won’t end up like that.

I look at my co-workers my same age.

The big moose of a son I have.He’s 11yrs old 5’9 155lbs.

Body of Works video by Bill Phillips-It is well made. I put it up there with pumping iron.