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Sources of Cheap Bulk Nootropics


Nootropics have been discussed ad nauseum in Brian Function Boosters 1-3, however buying them is never as easy as buying whey protein.

The main noops that BushidoBadBoy, resident guru, recommends is:

  • Vinpocetine (a general brain booster than increases potency with prolonged use)
  • Aniracetam (a powerful cognitive enhancer to be used when doing conceptual learning)
  • DMAE (a choline replenisher, as choline levels are depleted with intense mental activity)
  • Oxiracetam (a powerful memory enhancer to be used when doing memorization)
  • Bacopa (an anxiolytic to be just prior to exams if you get test anxiety)

When I first bought aniracetam, I bought Cognitive Nutrition's brand of capsules. At $35 for 60 750mg caps ($0.58/cap), I didn't think that that was really very sustainable. So after determining its usefulness, I took the plunge and bought a kilo from Cognitive Health for $350 ($0.35/gram). The website I bought it from originally seems to be down, so I thought I'd start a thread for people to post their own sources so we can all enjoy the brain boosting as cheaply as possible.

For Biotest's sake (and so this thread isn't deleted) don't post any sources of tyrosine (Power Drive), creatine, or Alpha-GPC.

By far the cheapest source of Vinpo I have found is purchasing Source Naturals through Amazon.com. At $17.09 for 240 10mg tablets total (2 pack of 120 tablets), plus using the "Subscribe and Save" feature (you can cancel the subscription at any time) to knock the price down to $14.53, I don't think there is a cheaper option out there and at prices like that, there is not excuse why you shouldn't be taking it multiple times per day.

Unit price (after discount): $0.06/10 mg


Nice one.
I got my ani, oxi, and bacopa from smart powders
Ani - ~$50/180g = $0.28/g
Oxi - ~$40/50g = $0.8/g
Bacopa - ~$7/75g = ~$0.1/g
Vinpo - ~$9/100caps = ~$0.09/10mg tab
DMAE - ~$10/500g = $0.02/g

Didn't get any pramiracetam butif you're interested.
Pramiracetam - $30/25g = $1.2/g
It's alleged to be 8-30x more potent than Piracetam which equates to ~4-7x more potent than Oxi, and ~2-4x more potent than Ani(according to wiki).

I still have a bunch of source naturals vinpo that I got from an ebay store awhile as well.
There are also bulk discounts that they give, so I'm not really able to put that into the calculation.

The owner/operator guy also provided documentation of purity which I thought was pretty standup as well.

I was also thinking of getting this to cap them, so when I'm away from home I can take my doses.
Does anyone have experience with capping your own powders before?