Sources of Casein

Hello everyone! I know that this might be a real stupid question, but do I remember correctly that casein is a milk protein? If so, is the protein in milk 100% casein? What I’m trying to ask here is that if I want to get most of my protein from casein, what should I eat? If anyone remember’s an issue of T-mag clearing this up or anything just throw me a hint, ok? Or better yet if you have the time to answer a basic question such as this one please do so… All help greatly appreciated!
All the best,

Yes, you are right in thinking that casein is a milk protein, but the other is whey protein. To be exact, I believe that milk protein is 82% casein and 18% whey. That is cow’s milk though, human milk has a higher whey fraction than that. Really, the highest food source of casein protein is low-fat cottage cheese. Other than that, there are obviously several supplements on the market that contain casein to varying degrees, GROW! being one of them. For more information, read t-mag several issues back, the article by Cy Willson, and also the protein roundtable article.