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Source: Yes or No


www.Ivitamins.org. Reliable?




Thanks. Funny you were the one to answer. I just found another forum where you said it was good.


I like repeating good advice.




I think I recall somebody asking me about these guys or somebody else recently in a pm. I apoplogize for not answering whoever it was, I didn't know from personal experiance and still dont'.


You may say it's reliable, but the fact that the British Dragon site does not list it as a valid seller of its products is a bit disturbing.


if you put in www.ivitamins.org instead of just the last part its in there.


I did a cut and paste from the original post www.Ivitamins.org. and left the extra dot at the end. I'm glad to see it is a valid seller, and some of those prices give me a boner.


That makes two boners and mines been hard for a week since I found that site.


Is this one of Alin's sites?


so this site is legit to order from?

is it safe to order from if you live in the USA or will your shit get seized?


I'm confused. I seem to remember that every other time someone has asked about a website source, the OP always gets made fun of,and told that asking about sources is a taboo subject.
Something changed?


When did we start allowing open source postings here?

I personally haven't tried them, but I haven't read anything that great either. IMO, prices aren't that good.

And, for future reference, just about anyone that openly sells/promotes on a website is a scammer, overpriced, or both. All the good ones don't need to advertise. Good luck.



the only thing i don't like is the 200buck min


That was Pre-Roberts. Now, nothing is taboo anymore!


So, I mean, this is how its gonna be? T-Nation is gonna be the one board where anyone can come and get a source with ease?

I dunno. It seems to me that if this could be done without any risk to the board or its' members, every other board would allow source posting as well. Maybe I worry too much, but it just seems out of wack.


Well, since the OP's question was already answered...

How much does an average cycle cost? I never really looked at any prices, I just looked around that site and it had 'kits and cycles' up to a thousand bucks.

I'm just curious, I never thought it'd be that much.


I'm glad to be here in the post-Roberts era myself.


There are plenty of bords out there that openly post and have forums just for sourcing. I personally like T-Nation the way it is, I go other places to research purchases.