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Source Of Our Disunit

Tony Blankley calls for unity in the battle against the Islamofascist terrorists. He blames President Bush for failing to make a strong case for the war on terrorism, and urges “convinced members of the public (including prominent figures) to organize at a much higher level than exists a broad-based, well-financed operation to try to move the better part of the American public to a unity of purpose in the face of the present danger.”

Blankley is correct to stress the importance of national unity, and his criticism of Bush is not without merit. However, a well-organized effort by concerned citizens cannot produce national unity when it comes to Bush’s prosecution of the war on terror.

The deep, potentially crippling disunity that alarms Blankley stems not from the president’s rhetorical shortcomings. It stems primarily from the fact that many Democrats (including some key Democratic leaders) and many influential members of the MSM hate conservatives, George W. Bush, and much about the country that has placed Bush in power, more than they hate the people who are trying to kill us.


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