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Source Not Responding to Texts

I met this guy a few weeks ago who could supply me with everything for a cycle. I met up with him and gave him money up front because I had his number and knew the area he lives in. I asked if I could try a shot of test prop to make sure my body doesn’t react badly so he agreed. He was super responsive to my texts and always answered when I had questions. A week later I asked if we could meet in person so I could discuss some contest prep stuff with him and tell him what I wanted to order exactly. He said we could meet on a Friday. When the time came he wouldn’t answer my texts and we never ended up meeting. Now every 5 texts I sent he would reply with, yeah we can meet up but then never answer after that. The last text he sent me was from Thursday last week saying /'yeah Friday sounds good" but he never responded to any other texts. I called today and nothing. he mentioned before he doesn’t have message notifications on but he’s probably ignoring me. What should I do?

Probably getting scammed, hook you up first ti get trust , then take you for a ride, he ripping people off for his own shit , scumbag, knowing you can’t fi to bbb , stay away from those guys get turned in first

Sounds like you got robbed

You cant be in the “gear” game without knowing of the possibility of getting burned. Ditch him. There are some really good and responsive UGLs out there that have awesome stuff. I know this for a fact. There are online forums that rate the sources. I wish i could give you the site, but rules prohibit it. Gotta do you own homework.

People stil buy gear in person?

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