Source Info Please

Hi all really sorry to post something so stupid!

But a source i uses at the gym has now become unavaliable!

Best and cheapest place to buy dbol/anadrol please post some site link would be great or contact me.

Thanks all sorry for topic again!

shhhh don’t tell any one

-Read the newbie post on top.

Hmm did you happen to see the other 9million people that asked that question get flamed?

Whether or not you come up with something like “hey I used to have a sourse, I swear, come’on guys please believe me” yup not going to happen.

With the huge crack down on AAS, both in China and the US - you would have a better chance of getting blood from a turnip.

There is a reason you source is unavailable: he is either in jail, or out of business.

You are setting yourself up to get scammed. No self respecting source would do a damn thing to help you without some references.

The only people you are going to attract are the lowest scum on the planet - scammers.

thanks for the pretty unhelpful posts

you could of jsut posted something like

or anything slightly useful if flaming gets you your kicks then have fun.

so you answered your own question.

that wasn’t so hard now was it.

i got private msg

OP - A better post would be as follows:

Hey, if there’s anyone out there that know of any good/safe sources that I could get hooked up with some gear please PM me.