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Source Eliminating Products?


I know that sources come and go. Has anyone here heard of a source existing (and still selling certain drugs), but eliminatiing a number of their other drugs?

This online source has been mentioned a couple times in the last couple years on this site. But recently I visited the site and a number of drugs were gone.

Can I PM someone who may know what is happening here?...Or if this site has moved some of their products?


Happens all the time. Are you talking about one type of drug on their site disappearing, or a number of drugs of different categories disappearing? The answer to that will inform any helpful response you receive.


Hey, thanks Cortes.

To answer your question: A number of drugs have been removed from their site. However, they still are selling a variety of other drugs.

I'm trying to remember all that drugs that are now gone, but I haven't been able to tell if they eliminated one class of drugs, e.g. peptides, serms, etc.

But there really does not seem to be any apparent strategy for what they have removed.
I was hoping someone here might have shopped the site also and could say "why" or maybe if they moved somewhere else. I'm stuck.


In the ever continuing crusade against the War on Steroids (in order to protect the children! Remember!) some labs close shop when they start feeling some heat on them. Consequently, sources loose a certain product line.


I have seen the research chem sites remove products when they are out of stock and then put them back up later.


Hey...thanks for the info. Maybe I'll keep an eye on them for a couple weeks to see if they add product back on.

I'm just sick cause now I've got to search for another source all over again. What fun!



You try emailing them and asking what's up?

I'd wager they are just out of stock of these items. In this industry, availability of certain inventory is pretty volatile.


I haven't tried emailing them yet, but I will. That is a good idea.


Yup, you can't ask for a raincheck


That probably a good idea too.