Source Authenticity

Is there a way to verify the authenticity of an online source? I’ve tried searching for anything I could but haven’t really found anything on where my product came from. I know we can’t name sources and whatnot, just trying make sure the Anavar I got is real.

Janoshik can test your stuff. It’s not cheap and not fast, but you’ll get a good idea from that.

hoping you’re running more than just anavar, but that wasn’t the question.

Yes 500mg of Test C weekly.

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You need to find a steroid forum that has sources and where other members rate their source.

Tell me more :smirk:

Sorry brother, that’s all I can share on this forum. Do a little internet searching and you find what you need.

I can tell you that “real” sources use secure email and you should too. Also most of them accept bitcoin and based on my experience, CashApp is the easiest and best way to buy and send bitcoin.


Yea I got mine with bit, but trying to find other sources that a lot of people can confirm. Got that secure email too