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Sounds to unwind with

When not training or debating politics on this forum what sounds help you unwind?
I find music really helps rid my mind of heavy baggage and is great for post-workout relaxation.

In a Nick Hornby kinda way here is my top 10 at the moment:

  1. Roots Music Collection (old time string band, blues, Cajun & other American roots musics)

  2. The Essential Holmes Brothers (blues-gospel band)

  3. Javanese gamelan (Balinese too)

  4. Lucinda Williams

  5. Lizz Wright (Nina Simone-esque jazz vocalist)

  6. Caetano Veloso (Brazilian genius)

  7. Dublab.com

  8. Gonzalo Rubalcaba (Cuban pianist)

  9. Al DiMeola (playing Astor Piazzolla and with Paco DeLucia)

  10. Michael Hedges

“Burt Bacharach Plays His Hits.” :wink:

you’re much more refined than I…

I listen to Dave Matthews (anything live)

and when its been a tough, tough day and I deliberately want to listen to something soothing, I go for Peter Gabriel and/or the “Hannibal” soundtrack.

Mike Phillips:

True sax jazz, with a heavy touch of R&B.

Coltrane, Monk, Rollins, Peterson, Getz, Davis, Van Morrison, Paul Simon, Beck (Sea Change) as well as some Beatles stuff and Motorhead.

Stately Plump, I dig your choices. Trane’s “Love Supreme” is 1 of my favorite albums of all time, and is great for getting into a contemplative mood (heard the recent deluxe version including a the live performance?)

Monk is probably my favorite jazz composer. Hasn’t been another one like him. His style to me is a chill Friday night with some wine kinda vibe.

DMB has some good players too, especially noticeable on their live stuff. nice.

Has anyone heard the new Roy Hargrove album “RH Factor”? He integrates some solid jazz skill with greasy soul- great album when chilling with a lover. D’Angelo & Meshell guesting.

damn, I sound like a promo guy… oh yeah, its my job

Nightmares on Wax: Smoker’s Delight.

The Congos: Heart of the Congos (heavy “dub” reggae)

Los Lobos: Kiko

Digable Planets: Reachin (A New refutation of Time and Space)

Miles Davis: Kind of Blue

David Grey - White Ladder

LoveSpiralsDownwards - Idylls
- Flux

Yo Yo Ma - Bach Cello Concertos

Stoa - Urthona

FSOL - Lifeforms

Tallis Scholars -Best of the Rennaisance

have you heard Pablo Casal’s classic recordings of the Bach Cello works?
I know the sound quality isn’t too good, but the performances are second to none (not that Yo Yo isn’t brilliant)

Anything Classical Paganini,Both Straus’s,Wagner,Holst’s the planets.

YoYoMa or Sarah Chang are incredible string players.

Music to relax to? Disturbed, Korn, NIN, old Metallica, Zombie… you know, the easy listening standards!


have heard some Casals, but not the Bach. Have you seen the movie projects that go with the Yo Yo Ma recordings?

Gilberto - Tanto Tempo Remixes

Arvo Part - his Cantus for Benjamin Britten is nice

Brahms 3 always makes me sleepy for some reason. I have a Karajan recording and I can’t listen to it while I drive.

Most Flaming Lips, although I’ve never tried the whole 4 stereos at once thing yet…

Tchaikovsky - Manfred Symphony

John Zorn - In a Sacred Light (except for one track…)

Kuri -If you like Piazolla, keep your eyes open for DaXun Zhang’s Solo Album - he plays The Grand Tango on a double bass - oh, and did I mention he plays it amazingly? DaXun and I play in the IU orchestra together and he is absolutely amazing. He’s won so many competitions i’m losing count.

I’m just glad none of you said Patsy Cline or Charlie Pride…

I forgot to mention Jack Johnson and Ben Harper are two other artists I like to chill out to.

current jazz discs in heavy rotation:

Matthew Shipp “equilibrium”

Steve Lacy 6 “Thelonious Monk Songbook”

Monk “Monk’s Music”

Brad Mehldau “Largo”

Richard Davis “so in love”
(Franks, you must know Richard?)

David Hazeltime “After Hours”

Omar Sosa “Sentir”

Art Tatum “at the piano”

Marc Copland trio “haunted hearts”

& whats wrong with Patsy Cline? Listening to Merle Travis live in '59 - some great guitar.

Gotta go with SPBM and Kuri on the jazz classics. Usually go with Sarah Vaughn, Nina Simone, Chet Baker, Sonny Rollings, Stan Getz, Charlie Parker, Thelonius Monk, Miles Davis and Oscar Peterson.(grew up next door to my dad) My favourite old time vocalist is Nat King Cole who I feel was unmatched even by Sinatra. I also think Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye had beautiful voices.Gaye’s classic album “What’s going on” never fails to affect me emotionally.
I also enjoy 70’s folky stuff like James Taylor and Van Morrison. Not much from the 80’s relaxes me with the exception of Roxy Music.
Too much contemporary stuff from 90’s to list.


europian music mainly (except fore danny T)

I realy love Sasha (airdrawndagger, live in ibiza)

Caffe del mar series
melodic trance and deep house (danny tenaglia, early paul oakenfold, nick warren, max graham)
St germaine of course
K&D (Krudder and dorfmeister)
ninja tunes stuff
and more, although I think you will all flame me for going electronic

Heavy metal helps me relax :smiley:

When I really need to get pissed off in the gym, I recite the MTV Top-10 list.

Glute Spanker,
check out any albums on the Ubiquity label - highly recommend them.

P’Taah “Staring at the Sun” (electronica+jazz+soul)

Zero dB (on Fluid Ounce label in UK)

Rewind 2 (collection of remixes)

Also, the Italian IRMA label is off the hook. The Dom Um Romao (legendary percussionist who played with Miles) remix album.

Kyoto Jazz Massive (are brothers to Jazzanova- they play together when in Tokyo)

Glute I dig your choices of DJ’s…
Early Okenfold is the best. I would add D: Fuse and Christopher Lawrence to round off the list…

Cood call on mentioning the DJ’s…