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Sounds strange but..

someone told me they were advised by a doctor that hard training and putting on mass can also cause growth of the tissue in the mouth/ throat causing breathing problems and sleep disruptions.
seems to make no sense to me
have heard of internal organ growth due to drugs but this stuff sounds strange.
Anyone ever heard of this or is the doc full o’shit?

I’ve gone through a sleep study to test for sleep apnea, so I’ve researched this quite a bit. The doc is correct. Growth in the neck area, either from muscle, fat, or both, creates excess tissue in the throat which in turn may obstruct airflow by closing up on you during sleep. Most guys I know, though, including myself, don’t pack on mass in the neck/throat and are therefore asymptomatic. If you’re overweight and snore, you might have a problem, but if it’s muscle weight and you have a “normal” neck, forget about it.