Sounds right?

Hi all
I was just wondering if this sounds about right?
Doc said I could do Test subq if I like. Thoughts?

49 yo
225 lb

Was just prescribed HCG and Test C twice weekly.
HCG subq 400 units x2 (10000IU)
TestC 0.4 mls x2 IM (100mg/ml)

Hemoglobin - 5%
Creatinine - 91 umol/l

Triglyceride - 1.4 umol/l
Cholesterol/HDL Cholesterol - 4.2
HDL - 1.4
Non HDL - 4.5
LDL - 4

LH - 2.5 IU/l
FSH - 3.5 IU/l
Testosterone - 14 nmol/l
Test Free - 255 pmol/l
Estradiol - <40 pmol/l
Ferritin - 400 ug/l

Prob 0 reason to take HCG.

Would help if you post the ranges. No SHBG?

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There is a decreased lifespan with ferritin this high, people with ferritin levels at 500 tend to die in their 50-60’s. The optimal ferritin for longevity is <100.

HCG response greatly varies for individuals, it causes problems for a lot of men. Fluid retention, mood and libido problems, activation of LH breast receptors triggering gyno, which is rare in men with high testosterone.

LH receptors weren’t meant to be constantly stimulated in such a way, but in a pulsatile fashion.

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Hemoglobin <6
Creatinine 67 - 117
Cholesterol <5.2
Non HDL Cholesterol <4.2
LDL Cholesterol <3.5
FSH 1 - 8
LH 1 - 7
Test 8.4 - 28.8
Free test 196 - 636
Estradiol <162


Yeah doc asked for another blood test because of that
2 actually, 1 month and 2 months from now
Could be all the red meat I eat (plus everyone’s fatty bits) or maybe its the whisky

I would be taking it just for the aesthetics
Would you say thats a bad idea?
Would doc need to revise meds if no HCG?

Aesthetics really but doc said a lot of guys take HCG and like it

It literally does nothing but plump your balls a bit.
I’ve been on TRT for 7 years and balls are fine.

What do they like about it? @systemlord gave you negatives above.
Again, really no real reason to use it. It just complicated your protocol.


I didn’t ask but looks like it could be better libido and/or psychological for some dudes

Pretty sure I can fix it
Should I expect doc to up testosterone if I change my mind about HCG?

I wouldn’t think so.

Most likely, it’s not the whisky. :wink:


HCG just confused things for me. My balls are less than marble sized but I don’t care. Got kids, don’t want more. HCG just confused the bloods and jacked up my E2.

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It’s all over the place with HCG.

Conceptually, I get not taking it, unless fertility.
Less is more, KISS, etc

BUT my E2 is <40 pmol/l
Isn’t that pretty low?
Also I would only be taking 0.4 testc twice a week.

I was supposed to have started last week!
Spent all of that time on reddit instead.

If your on test than hcg doesn’t keep you any more fertile. You would take it along with other stuff when you are not on for fertility. The only thing it does is plump your balls and complicate your protocol.

What is the range? How do you feel?

This tells us nothing as you don’t give a concentration. I’m assuming it’s 200mg/ml?

This is a problem.

Range is <162
I posted test results earlier.

I felt like getting my levels checked!

Test c 100mg/ml and pregnyl 10000IU
I was prescribed 0.4mg twice weekly for both
IM and subq

Yes. Reddit is a problem.

I think mine was 6 at one point, lol. Felt fine but stopped taking Adex and felt better.

I have read that high E2 goes with high testosterone, that the ratio is what is important.

I was also of the opinion that HCG did help with fertility, as well as preventing testicular atrophy.

But, I am no expert, and I did not stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

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6 pmol?


It was years ago and it was low, not sure what the ranges were, but it was 6.