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Sounds Like Overtraining?


Hey Guys,

I have been dealing with this issue for awhile now (couple months). I seem to have a shortness of breath(walking up stairs, regulary fast paced walking), occasional headache, and tired alot of the time. However, I noticed no decrease in gym performance. In fact before I hurt my shoulder, I was the strongest I have ever been.

As far as my medical history goes, I have had 2 previous cases of mycoplasma and 1 case of mono. I took a pulmonary function test and passed with flying colors.

I have been training four days a week since June and thought to be in relative good shape. I played football and lacrosse my senior year.

The only cause I can think of for this SOB is:
Not eating enough, although I usually get about 3000 cals a day.
Not in as good of shape as I thought.
Side effect from mycoplasma infection.
Wonderful bonus of having allergies and being allergic to everything.
Working third shift three days a week and then switching back to a normal sleep schedule (ie sleeping at night)

If anyone has had a similar experience or has any ideas to what I should do, feel free to jump in.



You can feel tired if you're not getting enough water.


Water, as stated. Food, and sleep.

Take a week off from excersizing to let your body completely recover.


Agreed Take a few days off. Eat sleep and drink plenty of water and readdress.

Hope it works out for you,


Go get some blood work done


I'm right there with you. The old, drink water, eat, sleep thing is kinda b.s. if you actually are overtrained or have something wrong medically. At 24, most of the time I feel 50. Even after a solid nights sleep, I wake up tired and usually stay that way throughout the day. I drink a gallon a day, eat PLENTY and get good sleep, I guess I'm just used to it now. The only time I am able to get "up" is before and during a workout. Wish I knew what the hell it was.........



Thanks for the help guys. I have had a complete blood work up done and everything came back normal. Hopefully, it is just allergies and will go away once the frost hits.


I'm thinking about taking some time off work and then possibly switching to day shift. Then I will be able just to focus on school, eating right, lifting, and sleeping. Hopefully, everything will fall into place then.



My doc has told me for adults, it takes a while to recover from mono, sometimes a year and a half, and constant fatigue is one of the symptoms.. just my input. good luck!


Thanks for the info Blaze. My doc told me that as well. Having two bouts with mycoplasma, which causes asthmatic tendencies, probably didn't help much either.



Sasquatch wrote
"If you are freakin' overtrained it's simple--stop training for a minimum 2 weeks. If you're really 24 feeling 50, immediately stop training for this time. If you still feel this way go to a Dr.

And if you can still get 'up' for a workout chances are pretty good that it isn't overtraining.

In fact, I think your post is bs moreso than the previous advice given. Why wouldn't you take steps necessary to evaluate your 'problem?' You just wanna sound macho by saying you feel like shit, but can still get thru a workout. Crap."

Thanks for the postive advice bro. As far as getting up for a workout, ya I can. A bunch of coffee and ephedra will do that for you. As far as a doctor is concerned, I've had bloodwork done, nothing out of the ordinary. My test levels were on the low side, but noting major. So, go fist yourself.