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Sounds From The Sky?


Anyone else hearing the sky making sounds? Above my apartment building it sounds kind of like a train or something but there's nothing there.

Freaky Stuff.

Anyone know what's going on? I'm not high or drunk btw.



Here's an example of what I'm talking about.




Whoa, by the looks of that large white square, I'd say we are all fucked!


No, it's even worse, it's a RECTANGLE! No moar than two equal sides!!


Yeah but check the angles. 90 degrees, every one of 'em. I think we're safe here, folks.



I love the Kinks.




Check it out on youtube, it started happening all over the world about a year ago. Not sure if it is a well coordinated hoax, or some doomsday shit.


Maybe you need a teddy bear to protect you.


I think I heard them talking about this on Coast to Coast a few nights ago. Sticking to their usual theme they were 100% sure it was aliens, or time-travelers, or doomsday, or demons chanting from hell, or whatever else.


That tattoo scares me.


Well, Rock, despite being a vampire AND black... You gonna die with the rest of us in our whitey armageddon.

Immortal my ass.

What say you?


Well only if you look at it in the mirror. So you're pretty safe.


I kind of thought it was cute the way the teddy bear is protecting the sleeping girl from the monster. lol


It's obviously an invisible space ship.

Seriously though, who knows - I've seen similar footage of this kind of stuff before.


Hmm...yes, I can confirm, the four horsemen of the apocolypse!

Interesting stuff. Here's some wiki


That sounds like the aliens from 'War of the Worlds'