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Soundproof training mats

Just wanted to know if anyone knew of a quality soundproof mat i can use to limit the amount of noise heard by my neighbor downstaris.

This is a good question, something I’m working on. So far: 1) 1/2 inch plywood base 2) 1/2 inch rubber mat on top of that 3) Bumper plates, instead of regular 45s. I haven’t bought all of this yet but am planning to soon. I know when I’ve used this in the gym that it’s been pretty quiet but then again I haven’t tried it on a second floor yet. What all are you using right now?

Actually I’m not using anything right now :slight_smile: I’m in the process of building my home gym because I’m fed up with commercial gyms. Anyways, when the delivery guys came with my goods I realised how noisy working out at home would be for my neighbors. So I’d like to fix the problem before I upset anyone.

Never hear of soundproof mats. Hear of soundproof walls though. I think they are expensive to put up.

You may want to look into building a “floating” platform. Here’s the designs for one (remove spaces where necessary):

www.geocities.com/washingtonweightlifting/ Articles/PlanforaQuiet.htm

Do you own your own home?
There are several choices available either way. If you own your home, try filling the walls with mineral fiber (See. this Old House Website) It cost about twice what fiber glass does, but has amazing sound deadening properties and is fire proof. Best of Luck.

Hey Kim, that raised platform looks like EXACTLY what I’ve been thinking of in my head. Awesome, I might attempt this. The specs call for an 8 foot by 8 foot platform, but I think a 4 foot by 6 foot platform (or 8 by 6) will do it for me. (I don’t think I’d be able to get an 8 foot piece through the door).

Striker, the largest pieces of wood for the design Kim is talking about (cool design, Kim!)are two 4’ x 8’ sheets of plywood. You’ll be able to fit those through your door.

i think power to the people has some suggestions but i dont know them off hand