Sound Good for a Bulking Cycle?

So im weighing in @ 185 right now and would like to be @ a solid 205.

ive been researching the last few hours and decided i would go with this cycle.

Week 1-6/Test enath @ 350mg’s Ew
week 1-8/Turnibol (T-bol) @ 25/40mg’s Ed
Week 7-10/ Winnie @ 40mg’s Ed
All my Ai’z & Serms will be taken into account, I havent made a decision on what exactly ill go with.

And as for the t-bol ive been looking around and still havent found a legitiment mg dose for everyday use?

Any and all comments will be appreciated…

You’ve been researching for a “few hours,” do you think that is enough time to decide on a cycle? Please invest more effort into this.

researching the T-bol

Research testosterone first.

[quote]Little949 wrote:
Any and all comments will be appreciated…[/quote]
[1] Read the stickies
[2] Figure out why this sentence is 90% true for you: TestE 500mg/wk 8-10 weeks is all I need