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Soul Train vs MTV's The Club


Although I must say Downtown Julie Brown helped kick start me into puberty the actual dancing was much better on SOul Train(no white dancers probably being the reason)



Can't believe this....

Prof X was meant to start this...no? Well according to WolBarret...



X is a very busy guy I handle his light work


Rofl @ 1.12

Hilarious stuff...


Soul Train FTW.


Yeah but Julie Brown was late 80's early 90's hot!!!


The Club: Lame ass prep kids with no rhythm and the same two step

Soul Train: People getting down and staying on point with the song. And way better dances and better hair styles.


Don't diss the two step that move got me more ass when I was going to dance clubs(well that the alcohol and the ruffies)


I miss my bolo tie.


What about your banded collar dress shirt?


Soul train. I know I saw a token white guy at least once. Or maybe not. they did have an asian gal also, I think. I was a kid. they had some great acts on that show.


I used to watch Soul Train back in the day just to catch that hot Asian chick.


Ok .. watch those videos with no sound and then tell me truthfully it wasn't some of the funniest shit you've ever seen...

Buuuut, as far as dancing goes, Soul Train without a doubt was some spontaneous of the wall shit. Buuuut I do like the song Rock Steady better. And I remember I popped one of my first boners to DT Julie Brown...sooo there's the whole nostalgia aspect...

I'd still go with Soul Train just for the pure entertainment purpose...


Gotta agree with this. ROFL!!