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'Soul Train' Creator Dead


RIP Don Cornelius!


Let us all please have a moment of silence before we get funky.


I can imagine the epic soul train line in heaven right now.



Didnt he blast himself?


Marriage kills.


Unfortunately, in many religions, suicide would prevent that.


Well, its even better in Hell.



I've was expecting you to start the anti-marriage poster boy thread round 2 after Kobe recently lost half his net worth to his ex wife.


The guy created his own empire and stayed out in front the whole time.

Bummer that he went out like that.


Not just that...Will Smith and Jada just broke up too....and they were my last hope at seeing a "real" working Hollywood marriage.

Kobe should have known he was screwed anyway.

Celebrity marriages do NOT work.


Wait, so Jada is uh single now.....


They NEVER do.

It's nothing but a fake show.

As we say out here..."Must.Respect.Da.Cornish."


Don Cornelius lists very high on my list of people who influenced my playing and musical tastes. Interestingly, I just used a sample of his voice some months ago for a piece I was doing.

RIP Soul Train Station Master.



Damnit, God why!






Hop On Board!




Just about everyone I remember from the 70's is dead. And those that aren't, should be.


Just for discussion....but he shot himself in the head.

The struggles he was dealing with will be overshadowed by his choice to kill himself.

Tons of people remember what he did on tv...but I wonder how many helped him when he was going through shit.