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Checked into my Airbnb, weighing in tomorrow am. I’m like 192 in the AM, still eating light in case my scale is off.

Planning on going 198 and tearing some ISH up. Gotta lift off for two of my teammates tomorow, so I’ll see how that goes with breakfast. They got backups in case




Day 1 of the meet so far. My gym isn’t that big but they still comprised a third of Day 1 lifters - all women and men up to 165. Mad excited to go in tomorow.


Meet went great, videos coming soon.

Went 9/9 on all my attempts, with a PR in Squat.
Attempts were:
Squat - 358ish/380/402
Bench - 242/260ish/270ish
Deadlift - 391.3/402/429

Hit a PR on my Squat, which was 7 lbs up from my grindy 395 from over the summer. All my Squats moved and felt like warmups.

I really think I had more in me, but I let my coaches pick my attempts to worry about one less think. I wish they would have gone more aggressive, but I’m glad this set me up to go 9/9 for the first time.

On a side note, I think some kid entered raw classic as an additional division and blew all the records away in sleeves… fuck. (500s/360ish/600s)


Putting alot of thought into what I’ll do in the off season. Decided to stay on a program from my coach, but will probably throw in 10x10 lat pulldowns and rear delt/lateral raise work at some point, as well as axle (power?)shrugs to work grip and traps


Hell yeah baby! Congratulations on a perfect meet AND a PR!

Beautiful. Take advantage of the non-specificity while you can :wink:


Got some stuff tonight:

Close grip - as many sets of 10 as possible in 10 minutes (Going for 10x10 in this)
Flat DB Press - 3x10
DB Fly - 3x12
Tricep Extensions - 5x12

Then adding in (off program obv)
Lat Pulldown 10x10 (or 8x8)
Lateral Raise 4x15-20
Rear Delt Swing 4x35


Felt a little sick last night, so I postponed my workout till today. Not that it made any difference

Hit 7x10 on Close Grip Bench at 135, 135, and 5 sets of 155. Already felt like I grew a shirt size.
Flat DB Press with 35, 40, 50. Then DB Flys at 3x12 of 15. Its been forever since I did them and I didn’t really like them before, but they felt good other than feeling some pressure in my biceps on the descent.
Closed off with Tricep extensions then 10x10 lat pull downs and 4x35 Rear Delt Swings. Even 15s were hard on the swings.


Congrats on the PR squat man!

What powerlifting federation is this?


USPA 90kg