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Deadlift today felt good. 2x4 at 365 and 380. Mighta hitched on the last rep. Used straps for the sets but used hook grip on my warm up sets up to 315 to get used to it again. I found out not too long ago that I can’t use tape on my thumbs from multiple refs at the gym

Did pin squats which felt easier than ever 2x3 at 315 and 325 - latter being a PR on a weight that I had trouble with before on pin squat. Saw a coach in my area doing SSB Pin Squats with safety straps, and I’m thinking of doing that once the meet is over.




Light bench day to close out my transition week. Finally one less day of Incline Bench and commercial gymming it

185 for 2x5 paused
195 2x4 on Incline
Closed off with rolling tricep extensions. Excited for squats this week!


First day back to heavy shit
Squats at
1x3 at 365
3x4 of 330 (was allowed 330-350 and just had to stay at the lower end today)

Then block pulls. It’s been forever since I did these and I worked up to 390ish on deficit. Did a strapless 405 for 1 then back offs at 375 2x3 with straps. Was allowed 400-420, but wanted to keep it conservative after squats.

Chiro appt tomorrow and then pin press/bench thursday


Visited a chiropractor today for an adjustment . Felt great. At first I felt kinda dumb picking a guy on the basis that he’s close to work, but it turns out that he’s been in business for 30+ years and teaches at a Chiropractor school.

Planned my next session the week/deload of my meet


Pin press for the first time, then light bench

Pin press was set to 255-265 4x1, so I started at 255, which felt light. Then got in two sets of 260, which felt good. Really bringing the weight down slow too. 265 was my cleanest.

Then Bench at 3x4 at 205, 215, 220. Hoping I can get my pause bench as high as my old PR.


Deadlifts felt good

390x3 with straps then 2x4 with 335 and 355.
Pin squats felt better than ever 1x2 at 355 for a Pin Squat PR and 325 for a 2x3 to close it off

Really liking these variations and I’ll probably try some SSB Pin Squats in the off season (with the safety straps instead). Been putting a lot of thot into what I want to do in the offseason and not sure how to structure it.

Def want to hit 10x10 on Barbell variations when I’m done. THinking
10x10 on SSB Squat, Close Grip Bench or Incline, Trap Bar Deadlift, and SIngle arm Dumbbell OHP. I have a two week trip planned around the Holidays, so I think I can spend the 3 weeks post meet doing hyper trophy work in 10x10, taking two weeks off, and then doing another 10x10 for 2-3 weeks to ease back into training.

Richard Hawthorne on an interview said he did a training progression of:
Or something like that (unsure of the middle), and then starts it back over. So I think it could be interesting to do that and pepper in some lower and higher reps for accessory/variations (to kinda blend in what I used to do with a DUP-ish thing.