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Using this thread for form checks through out the year

I started a new IG and it’s public this time around, here’s Sumo:

I’ll add in other lifts as the weeks progress. I’ll go back and post comp videos too.

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Looks like you could get your hips closer to the bar, they are high and way back.

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Do you hook grip? If so, how does your grip hold up at the top? I ask, because I have lately had issues with my fingers uncurling at lockout as they rub my thighs (with about the same hand placement as you).

Alright, thanks! Should help with the efficiency fo sho.

I hook grip in comp, but all my working sets are with straps. I double overhand my warmups till I hit working sets since I’m in off season and need the grip work.

Some bench from last night

Hitting a wall and Im thinkin it’s my weight loss?

Also some Tempo Conventional:

The first rep feels really slow on the way up, the 2nd fires up pretty effortlessly

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I don’t see much wrong with the bench. Looks good. Weight lose can really hit your bench in the nuts.

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Sumo looks alright, better than I remember the earlier video looking. You took down the old one or what?

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Oh yeah, I guess I did. I usually just archive my older posts so it’s not so cluttered. Def noticed that each set my hips start higher and higher :roll_eyes:

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Heres how the rest of the week went so far