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SOTU 2012


What are all your thoughts?


More of a campaign speech than SOTU.

Created more government.



You can tell by the comments the day before; AND by the GOP response; that the President's speech was nowhere NEAR as partisan and "in-you-face" as was expected. The most "partisan" thing (IMO) was his insistence on following the "Buffet Rule" of fair taxation (which will NEVER see the light of day). But to me, it was a lot of "common ground" kinds of things.

In many ways, he expressed a lot of GOP "talking points" (like decreasing ridiculous rules and regulations on small business; and having government "get out of the way" of small business).

Of course there will be a lot of spin and a lot of making the speech what it wasn't. That can be expected. And we all know politicians will SAY a lot of things and DO others. (and the President IS a politician!).

But in the end, this was a speech that was meant to lay out the President's vision moving forward.



One other thing, G;

It most likely was a speech directed at Moderates and Independents.

Again; not real partisan and "in-your-face".

(Hell...I even saw CANTOR clapping a few times!)



Taxpayer funded disinformation and promotion of the state and presidency.


...And a Constitutional Requirement that even President Paul would have to fulfill!



Major entitlement reform and savings? Haven't seen the speech, yet. However, if it doesn't admit to that necessity, I'm not interested.


Great. Doesn't change what it essentially is.


Why the GOP doesn't tell someone like Warren Buffet to write a check to the Treasury is beyond me.

I am so sick and tired, especially here in California where the rich hippes and Hollywood fucks keep asking to pay more taxes. Well write a fucking check and leave the rest of the working people alone.


They should call this the State of the Ruin.


To me it was just misleading statements and spin, and him expressing his will to try to override the constitution even more and to try to implement even greater executive power. Hidden in his dialect was wording to suggest even more of a slide into a dictatorship style presidency.

He used misinformation and spin to try to sound like he was accomplishing something for the economy. The only thing propping the economy is the lies of the Fed and how much they really pumped out, and the backdoor deals with Europe we are funding through the Fed, IMF and ECB. The Central Banks, Powerful elite and political leaders are not going to let it collapse yet, they don't want to loose that their power. Instead they are create solutions to problems they created in order to gain greater control.


And the blind masses just follow along, like the wild pigs being trapped. A buddy of mine that does taxes is talking through some of the new regs and codes coming out. it is really quite scary. They passed the 2 way 1099 reporting and in any instance where you do more than $600 worth of business with someone in a year, it has to have the paperwork filled out.

It is too much so they are already have a computerized system for when people complain, which will monitor every purchase and lump them all together. It will give open access to your bank accounts and track where every dollar goes to maximize tax collection.

Time to start pushing the barter system a little more with my clients.




The thing that I don't understand is why they can't agree with on a ratio of Cuts/Taxes. (And yes...in order to overcome our enormous deficit, there HAS to be both).

10 dollars in cuts (or more) for every 1 dollar in taxes? (That kind of thing...)



REAL cuts, by the way...not that "accounting Bullshit" Washington is known for.



Nothing wrong with this idea at all.

In an ideal world there would also be penalties on congress for not passing a balanced budget.


In an ideal world why would anyone want a congress to be necessary?


Yeah, or a President or law enforcement or any sort of government right Lifty?

(you raving lunatic)


So you are saying the US cannot return to the barren wastelands of 2006?


Without the Fed the DJIA, S&P, and NASDAQ indexes would be significantly worse then they are now and the economy would be completely stagnant from the 2008 GFC. Some people are being ignorant to the fact the global economy experienced one of the most extensive and serious recession ever just a couple of years ago.

A lot of the problems you're railing against have been around for multiple presidential tenures. You're being even more ignorant if you think Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney are going to make everything much better.