Sorting Out My Diet

Hi I posted here a couple weeks back on tips for sorting out my diet and it was recommended I came back after doing a food diary for two weeks. I was wondering if anyone can post any recommended changes.

Please note, for the most part dinners have to be vegetarian.

Cheers for any input.

Food Diary

Note: Every week day I also take a cod liver oil and multivitamin supplement.

Dinner: Steak and Guiness pie (with carrots and onions), Tea lots of tea

Breakfast: Porridge + plum jam
Lunch: Chicken + sweetcorn sandwich, ginger beer, crisps, apple
Dinner: Trout, baked beans + veggie burger + sweetcorn and peas.

Breakfast: Apple + Protein shake
Lunch: Butternut squash soup (home made), home made falafel with humus, lettuce, roast veg (wrap), mango juice
Dinner: falafel with humus, lettuce, roast veg (wrap), protein shake

Breakfast: Protein shake + porridge
Lunch: Butternut squash soup (home made), home made falafel with humus, lettuce, roast veg (wrap), blackcurrent squash (low cal), chocolate pot (around 350kcal)
Dinner: Butternut squash soup, mini bread roll (x2), quorn fillet, mango.


Breakfast: Porridge + Plum Jam
Lunch: Shreddies, banana, carrots, humus, diet pepsi, protein shake
Dinner: Butternut squash soup (finally finished it), crème fresh, small salad, quorn sausage, quorn fillet (surprisingly tasty), mini bread roll (x2). Protein shake.

Breakfast: Porridge + protein powder
Snacks: Carrots
Lunch: Humus, turkey, a bagel, carrots, can of pepsi, a banana
Dinner: Beans, cheese, toast, avacardo, quorn sausage and quorn burger and a small salad.

Breakfast: Porridge + plum jam.
Lunch: Humus, turkey, a bagel, carrots, can of pepsi, a banana, and a protein shake.
Dinner: Mango, Pasta, mixed veg, pasta sauce

Breakfast: Protein Shake, bacon sandwich, coffee, apple
Lunch: Fish pie, salad, cous cous, toffee desert with banana, sliced ham
Dinner: Burger King Double Burger, with fries and coke (regular size)
Snacks: Pringles

Breakfast: Porridge + Protein Shake
Lunch: Baked Potato, Veggie Chilli
Dinner: Salad, Veggie Burger, Mixed veg in pasta sauce (no pasta)
Snacks: Pringles, Twirl chocolate bar,

Breakfast: Porridge
Lunch: Baked Beans with paprika and cayenne pepper, wrap with cream cheese and a couple crisps an apple,
Dinner: Pasta, carrots, courgette, sweetcorn, quorn sausages, pesto.
Snacks: Biscuits, a donut…

Breakfast: Porridge and a latte.
Lunch: Pork Pie, carrots, bagel, humus, banana, turkey
Dinner: Apples, pasta, pesto, peas, sweetcorn.

Porridge, Pan au chocolate, mocha
Lunch: Banana, Turkey, Bagel, Humus, carrots
Dinner: Pizza, salad.

Breakfast: Hot cross buns,
Lunch: go ahead crispy slices, banana, turkey, bagel, humus, carrots, banana, apples, chocolate biscuits.
Dinner: Beans, Southern style quorn burgers, hash browns, lettuce, a bit of chocolate.

Breakfast: Porridge + Plum jam
Lunch: Pork, Cauliflower cheese, roast potatoes, flapjack.
Dinner: Burger, chips,

Breakfast: Porridge
Lunch: : go ahead crispy slices, banana, turkey, bagel, humus, carrots, banana, apples, Protein Shake.
Dinner: Moussaka bread roll
Snacks: Cake,

to be honest, a food diary means absolutely nothing to us without macronutrient totals…

First of all, we need to know your goals, height weight, BF percentage, and all other relevant information. We can’t give you worthwhile suggestions until we know such things.

That being said, you need to have protein with every meal. That’s as basic as it gets. Why do dinners have to be vegetarian, by the way?

Your breakfast especially needs attention. Having “porridge and jam” alone is totally inadequate. At least pair it with a protein source and a piece of fruit.

@eight - Fair enough, makes sense. Will start again.

@niko - Cheers for the tip of breakfast, I’ll sort that out. My partner is vegetarian and she gets quite queazy at the sight of meat.

Heigh 6ft2.5, Weight 13.5 stone, BF (Need to work out).

If I am honest I don’t have a proper one as such outside of discipline.
Having spent most of my life as a lazy git, I got into training about two years back, though lost about 6 months due to health. My current routine I started after I recovered and have managed to keep up for 5/6 months and I really aim not to go back to sitting on my arse.

Monday: Kempo
Tuesday: Gym (Biceps and chest) Running
Wednesday: Circuit training
Thursday: Kempo
Friday: Gym (Triceps and shoulders)
Sunday: Gym (Back and Legs)

Tuesday running. Is mainly done because I want to run 5k but tend to find it boring so found a beginners running group (this I only started a couple weeks back).
Wednesday Circuit training. I honestly quite enjoy and tend to find its a good work out.
Gym routine: Currently works around 3x12 with increasing the weight every time I manage to achieve it (and keep good form).
Having read:

I am going to change it to 3x8 for functional hypertrophy.
Can post more about it if you wish.

Cheers for any advice.

My BF% is 18.2%. I wouldn’t mind getting that below 17% but first I think my main aim is to put on muscle.

If you would like to be sub-17%, it wouldn’t take very long at all to drop a couple percentage points. I would just drop some of the junk food snacks, consume your carbohydrate sources (porridge) around your workouts, and increase protein intake.

Might i ask which “plan” you’re following in the gym? or have you made one up yourself? To be honest, someone as novice as you REALLY NEEDS STRUCTURE in order to put on an sizable amount of mass. I’d highly suggest perusing this site in order to find a program if you have not already. Still, estimated, if not near-precise, macro totals is critical in critiquing your diet.