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Sorting Out A Training Program?


Hey, i know its a bit to ask, but could anyone help me by making me a program to follow?

I am just starting out on weights, i have done a lot of body weight workouts. And cardio.

I have just got a Bench, Barbel and dumbbells, with a total weight of 40Kg (so far).

I currently dont have a diet plan, i just eat as much as i can throughout the day, but i will be finding it harder to do this as i will be working a 7am-5pm job from Monday onwards.

I am looking to bulk up a bit as i am 5ft 6inches, 28in waist and at a weight of 124lbs.

if anyone could anyone write up a program or point me in the right direction, i would appreciate it greatly





There are a bunch in the archives. I'd suggest Chad Waterbury's Total Body Training for now, instead of Starting Strength like Fabio recommended.

With your limited equipment, I'd expect Starting Strength to make you too strong, too soon (geez, what a shame) for your very, very limited home gym weights. The Total Body Training program still has a day of those 5-rep sets for strength, but also uses some higher rep days some you can get more work done with less resistance.

If your goal is to gain size, why were you doing "a lot" of cardio?

Dude, 90 pounds of weights is tiddlywinks. I'd make it a priority to buy at least another 100 pounds or so, as soon as possible. Your strength and size gains will be seriously hindered until you can. Even for a 125-pound guy, you should be able to max out on squats, deadlifts, rows, and pressing very soon, presuming you can't yet.

Bad call. Just like you can't wing it in the gym everyday, you can't wing it in the kitchen. I'd bet dollars to donuts (mmm, donuts) that you're undereating more often than not.

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

Read through these for more nutrition ideas:

Not a real excuse. What do you do for a living?

If you want to not be a skinny dude, you'll bring enough food to snack during the day. Nuts, fruit, jerky, and protein shakes are easily portable and quick to eat.

How about a more concrete goal... 150? 175? 224? 130??? A physique similar to some athlete?


Funny how some quotes, taken out of their context sound really weird :slight_smile: [no sarcasm intended...I really appreciate you, coach!]