Sorting my QL Out Once and for All

Hi guys. I posted on here a while back about a slipped disc I had. While I have oreocressed nicely since then I have returned to the gym with no spinal problems. However ever since I bulged a disc (confirmed mri) I have had a very tight QL.

I have been using a lacrosse ball every day probably 3 times a day mainly going lightly on it, as when I go too brutal it seems to make it worse? I have also been doing lots of stretches without success. In the gym I have been doing KB lunges, Bulgarian splits, single leg deadlifts and lots of KB windmills and swings.

I have also spent a lot of time rolling my hip flexors and hamstrings etc so everything is nice and loose.

I went to a physiotherapist but she went in hard and made it a lot worse.

It only hurts when I’m sitting, specifically in the car.

It doesn’t bother really working (tree surgeon) or walking, running, cycling etc.

I’m desperate to get this sorted, and I feel I have done everything I can do. Don’t really want to spend loads of money if possible as I’m fairly skeptical about physios now. Anyway I have seen a deep tissue massage on amazon, would these help?


@FlatsFarmer has been posting a lot of stuff in his log lately about pelvic alignment as well as scapular alignment. A lot of problems can arise when things aren’t aligned properly. A tight QL might actually be a result of a problem somewhere else.

I’m currently a mess. I have constant hip pain and the muscles around it are tight. I’m not sure what my problem is but I’m hoping my chiropractor can assess my entire body and help me figure out where the problem starts. Sometimes the painful spot isn’t the source of the problem; it’s merely a symptom.

I recommend finding someone who can assess your body as a whole. Is your spine and pelvis aligned properly? What other muscles are tight?

Hi and thanks for your help. I have read a bit of flatsfarmers advice on working the ql so going to add a little bit more of that into my gym routine in the hope it can ease it.

It doesn’t reallt bother me, apart from driving is the worse. It’s fine in the gym but I don’t want to start squatting and deadlifting again, as I’m not sure if it would damage my spinal health if certain muscle arnt working correctly?

I don’t need to see a professional again but the last 2 I had was rubbish and I have learnt so much more online that what the have ever told me.

It deffinatly stemmed from a bulged disc, but I’m taking that’s healed as I have no further spinal pain like I used to get something is still not right in there.

Hope you managed to get sorted aswel


Finding the right doctor can be tough. I got lucky. I was referred to this particular chiropractor and he does ART too. It’s like seeing a massage therapist. I love it.

Every time I see him I just tell him what hurts and he immediately finds the tight muscles nearby and goes to work. I’m hoping to learn today though. I need to figure out the causes of my problems so I can try to correct them and prevent future issues.

Does ART help? There’s a practice near me that does ART and Grayston. I have worked a ton on the lacrosse ball getting into those tight spots but willing to give it a try if it helps.


ART helps in the short term but it requires follow up visits. Here’s my post from yesterday about how jacked up my body has been - including a photo of my shoulder/biceps after some work. I feel tons better today.

Nice! It’s amazing how it’s a big chain and one thing can knock a bunch of other stuff out! I’ll deffo have to find a decent practitioner that does ART.

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