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Sort of Gross...


So, this is kinda gross. Stop now if you aren't into that...

During my last cycle I got bacne, as usual. But this time I got some sort of cyst type of zit on my back. It was pea sized and it wasn't red or inflamed like a normal zit. It was hard and it wouldn't pop... it was more like a cyst.

Anyway, it'd been there for months and I just ignored it. The other day I could ignore it no longer though, so I squeezed that motherfucker as hard as I could. It finally gave and white zit creme came out like crazy. It was very satisfying. There was one major thing that disturbed me though, the zit creme smelled like really really really old smelly socks from a locker room. It was fuckin nasty. WTF!?




Garden variety carbuncle, from the sound of it. You're lucky -- typically they don't form heads unless you mess with them long enough to get the infection raging, which causes other issues. Typically, you'd have to have them lanced and irrigated.

Count your (cheesy-smelling) blessings. Expect a monster pit.


Good lord, I just googled carbuncle and it is nothing like the pics. It seriously has no discoloration or discomfort. It's tiny, like a slightly larger than normal back zit and it's not infected looking at all.

It is an anomaly.


OK, just read a little bit more and there is no redness or tenderness. That's why it's so weird. It's like a painless unpopable zit that stayed for like 4 months.


You push pins into yourself all the time and can't use a needle lance something like that and get it over with?


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I don't remember enough of class to tell you the right terminology, but in short, it sounds like a cyst. No worries, as long as it isn't growing or getting infected, it is harmless. Even though it popped, it may come back. A typical cyst forms a sac around the pus, the sac is connected to the surrounding tissue pretty strongly. Very likely it will fill up again. Popping it is generally okay, if it raises to the surface (and is poppable) that is exactly what your body is trying to do with it.

Warm compresses may help bring it to the surface and also help rebsorb some of the tissue. If it keeps coming back, or starts to look angry, you may want to get it checked out and removed. It is a simple procedure, the worst part about it would be the lidocaine shot. A few slices, a week or two of antibiotics, you will be good to go.
Do not try lancing it yourself. While this may drain the fluid (if it is more liquid than solid; usually it is thick like cottage cheese and doesn't flow well), it also introduces a chance for infection. Peircing it won't do anything for the sac either, so it is only a temporay fix.

A side story, while we are being gross. A few months back, I removed one from a patient. My doc was over my shoulder walking me through it. He described it as a cheesy substance with that spoiled lasagna smell. To make it worse, as I pulled out the sac, it had chunks of blood and pus on it. They served lasagna that night for dinner, and I just couldn't eat it.


Sounds like a clogged pore. They are white and raise out of the skin. If you lance them and get the crap out they heal nicely. Kinda like a zit but never comes to a head.


I had something similar on the back of my neck- I finally went to the dr and had it removed-


Sounds similar to what my younger brother has had for about 2 months now. I am going to make him pop it.


This entire conversation is only making me hungry.


I would've if it weren't on my back... until I read bulldogmedic's post that is.


That is tore up...




Funny. This is all I've been able to think about:

And, since this whole thread is "not for the squeamish," I figure I shouldn't have to warn you.


They spelled "staph" wrong. That was awesome. Seriously I enjoyed that.

I watched the video of the dude chopping his dick off and I almost puked, then I had visions of cock chunks being sliced and diced every time I closed my eyes for like 3 weeks, but somehow I thoroughly enjoyed watching that dude pop that staph.


What the hell was that guy thinking not going to the doc? reminds me of greg v in that stupid documentary.