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Sort-of Abstract Question


First off sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but something is driving me nuts and I need to know what you guys think.


My son and his friend are over another friend's house. Well Friend A sits on friend B's fence, and it breaks. The fence was a rotten POS, and a stiff wind would have knocked it over before long. All three of these kids are 10 & 11 years old.

Well Friend B's father comes rushing out of the house screaming at Friend A, the fence breaker. "I'll kick your fucking ass, I have a blackbelt. You little fucker get off my property, blah, blah, blah."

Then this douche bag said the same shit to the kid's mother when she later asked him why he spoke to her son this way. Threating to "kick her ass" and "fuck up her son and his drunk father" also mentioned his blackbelt again.


*If this guy really was a blackbelt, is it wrong for me to assume he would have to have been taught discipline and respect? Which he has none, so it's a safe assumption he doesn't have any real martial arts training?

Thing is, if he talks to my son that way, and subsequently threatens me or my wife, I'm going to have a hard time not getting all 'trailer park' and kicking him in the shin and break his jaw when he bends over. I'm not a violent guy, but when it comes to my family I can be retarded overprotective.

I promise I'm not trying to sound like an internet tough guy, I'm just kind of pissed off, and the last thing I need is to get into it with some douche bag that actually knows how to put me in a coma.


I dunno where you live.

However in some countries/states, being a black belt or a professional fighter automatically makes your body/hands/legs/feet/etc classified as weapons and the penalty would be much greater for a black belt to get in a fight than just a normal person.

This could go in your favor if you think about it legally.

However while most black belts are taught respect, people do tend to lose their cool (black belts are humans too).

Also, depending on the dojo, especially very bad ones, respect and all that is thrown out the window.

This guy just sounds like a dumb ass.
Have friend B tell you what dojo and style the father is in, and see if you can contact the dojo or whatever to verify his claim.




Shit that is a good idea..

Good thinking. Thanks


Any idiot threatening kids and yelling "I'm a blackbelt" is probably either not a blackbelt or is a blackbelt in something totally useless where anybody can get one. I wouldn't worry about it, just kick his ass.


I'm not sure if this is actually true in any other countries, but as far as the US or even Canada is concerned, this is an urban myth. Just one of many sources.



Damn it.


That was the general plan, but just in case, I wanted to run it by some others that know more about MA.

Even if he has a clue, I think I can sneak one good shot in and back the fuck up, and see if he knows what he is doing. If not, he is in deep shit, if so, I might just run my ass off. But if he folds on the first one, I'll just bounce around and run my mouth like a jackass until he wakes back up.

God I hope it doesn't come to this..


Exactly, he never even said in which style he has his black belt. Even young kids can get a black belt after about 2-3 years of training. I never really put too much faith in belt ranking...that was something created for us "westerners" to gauge progress.

And a black belt isn't necessarily the "be all, end all" in terms of proficiency. It definitely hasn't ever stopped me from laying on an ass whoopin' (not that I'm bragging or anything). As has been said earlier, they're just people too and even they can be beat.

LOL, that's some funny shit.


Yes, i read this after i had made my post.

And i agree with whooping a black belt's ass. I know a few black belts who are...pathetic. Nothing against them but they definitely don't uphold the (/my) idea of a black belt's skills.

Alot of people also keep at a martial art till they reach black belt, and then feel as if they have reached the end and there's nothing left and then they drop it.

Your friend's father might be a black belt but hasn't practiced his martial art for over 10 years now.


It doesn't sound like you have been in a fight of any kind since elementary school. You should get some training to build up your confidence and a couple of skills.


Who me? Nah haven't fought in like 7 years, college.

I can hold my own in a street fight, just don't want to if he can kick the snot out of me with little effort. If he isn't trained, I'll take my chances.

Plus I fight dirty as hell


If you're really going to get in an altercation (which I don't advise), going in with a cautious attitude is a recipe to lose. You really have to be determined and confident, almost to the point of enjoyment.

As someone said here before, people often misunderstand the will to win a fight with the will to fight. Most people have the former, which makes them very vulnerable when things go slightly awry. Two different things entirely, and they can make a difference even at the highest level.


Please tell me you don't bite or anything like that. The last fight I got into, I got the guy to the ground and was about to lay on a rear naked choke when he grabbed hold of my left arm and sank his teeth into the inside of my elbow. He was trying to twist and everything and wouldn't let go.

It didn't hurt as much as it just pissed me off even more...I suppose due to all the adrenaline flowing. So I grabbed one of his ears with my other hand and yanked until he let go. Then I gave him a couple of good thumps and a knee before I caught him with a guillotine until he passed out. I was livid. Saw him in a neck brace a week later.

Anyway, found out that he had been given some specific training in Kino Mutai - the Filipino art of controlled biting and eye gouging. Looking into it further, turns out he was specifically targeting my brachial artery. Fortunately, he didn't do much more than surface damage which left a good bit of scarring.

I guess my point is, there's dirty fighting...and then there's just downright dishonorable fighting. Maybe it's just me, but unless it's a life or death situation, I DO NOT see a place for any of that sort of stuff in a fight.


I would have to say something to this 'father'.

If he wanted to try his blackbelt skills so be it. You can't do much Karate from the ground!

Also, I doubt his statement is even credible.

As I always say, you don't have to worry about the ones who claim to be crazy...

And just because I can legally carry a handgun doesn't mean I shout it at kids or anyone for that matter.

As for that mofo going for your branchili artery, I would have done the same thing. Got in a fight once with a few guys and one grabbed my ear while another tried to keep me in a headlock. Well, it did not work well for them. I lost it based on the RESPECT principle. The one guy escaped out a bathroom window after about 10 minutes of figthing in a small hallway.


Dishonorable fighting = dirty fighting.
He must have not bitten very hard if it didn't have any effect.
Why were you guys fighting?


I've always gone by the motto, or whatever, that says something to the affect: "Don't mind those who boast about themselves, but rather, pay close attention to the quiet ones."

I have always thought this true with anything (lifting, fighting, academics, etc.), those who are humble and speak little of themselves are generally the badasses that know their shit. Whatever it may be-- this guy, could probably perform a roundhouse kick to a pad, but couldn't execute anything when it came down to an actual fight.


Believe me, he bit hard as hell...but I was too pumped up. He left two good horseshoe gouges on my inner elbow. The skin where his lower teeth were actually created like a flap of skin.

The whole thing turned numerous shades of dark blue and purple afterwards. I eventually went to the doctor to make sure it wasn't infected or anything like that.

We were fighting cause he said some shit to my wife, she basically told him to fuck off, and he whacked her on the side of her leg with a pool cue. It was on...


No, no bites. That is nasty shit. and like you said life or death...

*now to read the rest of this post


But I would poke someone in the eye if they were choking me..