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Sorry, Really Want Your Opinion About My Training

Well first im from chile, so if explain myself wrong…sorry.
My routine is pointed to develop strength and as secondary benefit a little hypertrophy.
In main exercises i use a progression of percent. This allows me concentrate myself and warm up for the heavier sets.
1 set: 50% of maximum weight for 5 reps
2 set: 65% of maximum weight for 5 reps
3 set: 80% of maximum weight for 5 reps
4 set: 100% of maximum weight for 5 reps
Rests 2-5 min

I do each exercise 1 time per week, to prevent to overload the SNC, because in each each work sesion i give all of myself in the gym.

Here�´s the routine:

Monday: Deadlift
WEDNESDAY: Bench press powerstyle/ bent over row (shoulder wide supinated)
Friday: Front squat / Chin ups (shoulder wide supinated)/ military press

1.What do you thing about the charge on central nervous system, in strenght routines is the most important isn’t? It’s overloaded?

2.What about percent used in sets?

3.I was thinking on add biceps curl and dips for arms on monday, 3 set per exercise?

4.And the last question, if today i can do 5 reps with a 15kg disc added on chin ups…and if a train…and in 3 months i can do 15 reps, what i developed, strenght? endurance?. This is compatible with mi routine? this is my problem with ownweight exercises…cause apply the same parameters of increasing percent its not the same for this kind of exercies isn’t?

If you dont understand anythingh sorry, please let me know.