Sorry if I've been away

I was away in Hartford to coach at the Crossfit East Regionals. Long hours and lots of walking and stress led to going to bed early.

All and all a good weekend. Alex Vigneault for whom I do all the strength and Olympic lifting programing qualified for the Crossfit Games. So did Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault whom I coach in Olympic lifting.

Jessica Cote-Beaudoin didn’t have the weekend she was hoping for because of a shoulder injury but she still did very well in the snatch event doing 175lbs, two pounds away from 2nd place… she has done 185 in the past BUT in this event you had to walk 250 feet on your hands THEN go snatch! She also turned in a gutsy performance in the muscle snatch/clean speed ladder with the second fastest time… she almost didn’t do the workout because her shoulder hurt too much… we didn’t even do a warm-up lift in the warm-up area and only one muscle-up (while most athletes warmed-up for 20-30 minutes).

Met a lot of good people, many T-nation readers came to talk a bit.

That having been said, I’ll do my best to catch up to the questions today.

Congratulations! Look forward to seeing your athlete’s compete at the games!